Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015


well...  its somehow been another week.  Time flies.  Or maybe it doesn´t.  I have no idea.  I think it´s kind of impossible to say if it´s been a good or a bad week because lots of good things happen and lots of bad things happen.  I don´t know.
It was nice this week because we didn´t really do any traveling that I can think of.  We went to Santo Tomas but that´s pretty close and didn´t really take too long.  But we were actually able to do a lot of work in the area which is nice.  We had been praying really hard for new people to teach because we really only had Miguel, Daryl and Daysi and Daryl is baptized now so only like two progressing investigators.  But we found some cool people this week and taught more lessons than just lessons that come from contacts that let us in.  We found a cool lady named Bianca who was really interested and actually read some of the pamphlet we committed her to read which is a miracle in itself.  We found a lady named Sandra and her niece and I think she realized she´s definitely missing something in her life and that there´s no way the catholic church can be true (hopefully that doesn´t offend anyone reading this).  But she marks every scripture we share with her and asks really good questions. We didn´t see her the end of the week (including Sunday) because her son is in the hospital with Dengue (sp?).  We found a young married couple who´s child died in the womb who are really cool.  The lady used to be a catholic leader of some sort, no idea what, but she´s well versed in religious concepts.  She takes notes during our lessons and really wanted to read the Book of Mormon.  So those are some of the cool people we found this week.  Like Elder Hanson Says though, An investigator is only positive when the hands are on their head confirming them.  Really we work all week finding cool people and Sunday is the day of reckoning.  They all commit to go to church but there´s always 4 or 5 excuses they use to try to get out of it.  These Nicas are such liars man.  Such liars.  We passed by Bianca before church yesterday and she has two houses that are kind of close to each other (her parents and one she babysits).  Her mom lied to us and said she was at the other house so we marched over to the other house and she wasn´t there.  So we went back to the first house and found her.  She promised us she´d get ready for church so we came back in like half an hour but she hadn´t gotten ready at all.  She started listing off every excuse she could think of, all of which I've already heard a million times in just five weeks here in NIC, but in the end she refused to go.  But she said she´d go to church in the afternoon so we came back and nope, she was hiding and wouldn´t come out.  She was so positive.  But now she´s dropped.  Anyone can say they´ll do something to change their lives, but only the really cool people actually pull through with it.  Sandra was at the hospital with her son so she couldn´t go, the other cool family had a commitment that ends this week and I actually don´t think it´s a lie so we´ll see if they go this week. 
Daysi didn´t get baptized because she drank coffee, but she recommitted to obey the word of wisdom and the goal is this Saturday now.  Pray for her.  Her husband Cristian got baptized just before I got here and he has a lot of pressure from his anti-Mormon friends so he keeps googling anti-Mormon crap but we answer everything.  This week he came to church with us but not Daysi.  Cristian told everyone in elders Quorum that Elder Naopoto told him that we drink the blood of Joseph Smith, which caused many problems.  He just wants to wreak havoc.  But Daysi says she wants to be baptized.  We pushed Miguel´s date back a week because he´s never home and doesn´t have very much teaching.  He did commit to stop drinking coffee this week but we´ll see because we haven't been able to find him since because he studies and works.  I guess I just need to have the faith that he wont drink it.  
We also have a guy named Adolfo for this Saturday.  He came to church with his sister and nephew and he is pretty positive but has a lot of doubts about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon but he won´t just read the homework we give him.  Pray for him too.
So the good of the week is that we found some cool people and worked really hard, the bad news is that everyone fell for baptism and not very many people made it to church.  So ya, that was the week.  This week we have a multi mission conference thing with the north mission so that will be interesting.  I think just an area authority will be coming though.  Also we´ll probably have to go to Boaco too.  
I´m pretty healthy still, I had a bit of a sore throat when I woke up for a couple mornings but that was it, it went away quickly.  I´ve been taking a lot of Pepto Bismol which is a miracle drug, probably more important than penicillin. 
Spanish is coming.  I´m learning a ton of new vocab every day but my pronunciation is the challenge.  I could say something grammatically perfect (which still doesn't happen but..) but they still wouldn´t understand me because I talk like a Utahn.  oh well.  I understand more.  I still miss a lot of important stuff but I pick up more too.  I understood really well in church yesterday.  I even made an intelligent comment in priesthood that at least one person understood.
I´m glad that all the football teams won.  What´s Utah doing to be so good this year?  Who do they still need to play?  Does Byu just have patsy games the rest of the year?
Sounds like hunting was pretty typical, just throw Peyton in her spot and let her drop a nice buck that walks out perfectly conveniently haha.  But good job Peyton, really, it´s not your fault that you´re so lucky.  Good job Delaney and dad for being troopers out there in the rain.  It rained a lot here this week.  Luckily it rains really hard for like an hour and that´s usually about it.  Usually we´re not out in it too much.  
I´ll send another email with some answers to questions and such.  Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Smith

The coke is in a bottle and if you want to stay there and drink it you can just drink it out of the bottle and give the bottle back to them, if you want to leave they put it in a bag in front of you and tie it off.  You just bite off a corner and squeeze it out.  You could try that at home if you really want, but it´s not that exciting.  My favorite drink here is juice called Yupi.  It´s really good, it´s packaged into bags, also water comes in either bags or bottles but bags are cheap and bottles are expensive.  It´s all filtered from bags, don´t worry.  We don´t really get invited over for meals but a lot of the time if we show up to recent converts houses to teach a lesson they just feed us.  Most people's jobs seem to be selling stuff.  people walk the streets selling remotes house to house, there are little shops everywhere.  There are a lot of taxistas, construction workers.  The ward is like a normal ward but the members don´t help us and there´s a president of auxilliary organizations but no counselors or members.  The primary program is actually this week, and primary is probably the most normal thing they have haha.  Baptisms are a prayer, an opening hymn, a missionary gives a brief thought about baptism, the baptism, closing prayer. It´s planned about two minutes before the program.  I had to give a testimony about baptism this week at the sisters´ baptism.  I don´t think anyone understood me though.  Ward members don´t really come.  just the mission leader, who´s actually very cool and helpful.   pet Bo!!!

Nicaraguan money

This is Cody's dresser

The mosquito net is up

Picture of the picture taken at the zone conference earlier this month.
The Mission President's wife gave Cody a suit jacket to wear so he wouldn't stand out.
(Cody is in the middle behind the sister in the light blue shirt.)

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