Monday, December 7, 2015

It's Freezing Here in Nicaragua

December 7, 2015

Hello Family!!

You guys probably aren't very amused by the subject line of the email... But in fairness it rained the last couple days and on Saturday when we were studying it actually dipped below 80 degrees.  Hanson, Merrill, and Medrano were freaking out and freezing.  I guess I'm not fully used to the Nicaraguan heat yet because I wasn't really cold.  So we left to work on Saturday and they all had jackets and long sleeve shirts on and I just had my normal short sleeve shirt.  They quickly regretted their decisions when we started walking though and it got super hot.

So on Tuesday we went to a piano recital for all the kids that have been learning piano from Elder and Sister Sorenson (the senior couple here) because Elder and Sister Sorenson left this week.  It was good.... kind of.  It was a good atmosphere but lets just say that the kids don't quite play like Delaney and Peyton.

On Wednesday Elder Merrill and Hanson went to leadership meeting in Managua so I worked with Elder Medrano.  It was a good experience and it was really fun working with Elder Medrano.  We actually found two new inactive members.  It seems like we come across new ones almost every day.  Haha half of Nicaragua is members but only a few actually go to church.  Actually it's not funny at all.  Its super sad.  
On Thursday Elder Medrano had a really high fever so I stayed at home all day with him.  It was just like a super long personal study session.  I read in the Book of Mormon, Preach my Gospel, wrote the family a Christmas letter which I'll send today, Jesus the Christ, etc.  It worked out that I would stay home with Medrano because on Wednesday Elder Hanson and Merrill didn't work all day so it worked out that on Thursday me and Elder Medrano didn't work all day.  But it definitely caused our weekly numbers to suffer.  Also when I was eating my hot dog bun bread things for breakfast I got a little protein pill in there.  I started chewing on something a bit crunchy so I pulled it out of my mouth and it was a big nasty black bug.  Then I reached in there again and found one of it's hairy nasty legs.  Oh well, it would've probably been better if I didn't notice it.  I wonder how many bugs I've eaten without knowing it so far on my mission?  Also this week a bat got into our house one night.  Everyone freaked out and the bat couldn't figure out how to get out until we went and opened the back door.  So that was fun.  Also we found like 5 more of those huge spiders in the forest this week.  I've probably walked past them 100 times and not noticed them until this week.
On Friday we had zone meeting which was pretty good except I heard the ZLs planning it so I pretty much knew what was coming.  Two Elders from Bluefields came up for Zone Meeting, Elder Rushton, and Elder Hoffman.  So on Friday I worked with Elder Hoffman all day after zone meeting, Medrano worked with Elder Rushton, and Elder Merrill and Hanson went off and visited possibilities from other comps in the zone. 
Saturday I worked with Elder Hanson like normal and we spent all day recommitting our investigators for church and making sure everything was ready. 
Then on Sunday we went out to bring everyone to church.  And none of our investigators would go.  Either they were sick, or they just left to work, or they just wouldn't come out to talk to us.  Yadira wouldn't go, We couldn't find Juan because apparently he just had surgery.  We couldn't even get the 9 year old son of a less active to come with us. They only people we could get were two of Elder Medrano and Elder Merrill's investigators.  So that was frustrating.  But last night was the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.  As missionaries we're allowed to go to the church to watch it if we can bring 4 investigators.  We ended up getting like 7 investigators there.  They all just showed up and brought their families.  For some reason everyone is willing to go to the church for a special program but not to an actual church meeting.  I just don't get it.  I just don't get it.  

So ya, we have changes on Wednesday.  We find out tomorrow if we get changed.  I expect to have changes but you never know.  I got letters from mom, grandma, two from diane, and one from katie this week.  Thanks for the letters!!! Keep them coming!!   But unfortunately no packages have come yet.  I'm crossing my fingers that one will show up for changes.  Vamos a ver.

Last week I kind of lied to you about the "a Savior is Born" campaign.  We actually do do it here.  I only found out this week though.  We have a ton of ''Ha Nacido un Salvador" pass along cards that we use during contacts.  We ask everyone if their phones have internet to try to show them the video but they usually don't.  Thanks for all of your constant support, love, and prayers.  Love you all!!!!!

Elder Smith


Olider (recent convert, grandson of ward mission leader) at the piano recital with Elder Sorenson

Can you find the spider?  Cody says look in the  middle of the pic, just to the right of the tree.  two long legs hang down and are yellow and black.  Sorry, I just can't zoom in on those suckers.

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