Friday, January 29, 2016

January 27, 2016

So on Tuesday the ZLs called and informed us that I had changes and not Nave.  Which was extremely surprising because Nave already had 3 changes there and I only had 1. So we went around and said goodbye to my converts.  The problem is when you´ve only been in an area for one change you really don´t know people that well.  When we told people I had changes nobody believed us because I just got here.  It was a bit hard to say goodbye to familia Arias because they really love us and they fed us a ton.  I just hope they keep progressing so we can get the mom and grandma baptized now.  So on Wednesday in change meeting I found out that I was the new secretary of finances.  
The guy that did finances before me is Elder Beals.  He and Sister Beals are a senior couple that will be going home in 7 weeks.  They basically were full time in the office.  So I´m learning everything about the finances of a mission from him so when he goes next change I can take over completely.  Basically what I do is make sure all the missionaries have the money they need.  Also I have to pay a million other expenses that you´d probably imagine a mission would have.  But I still don´t completely understand everything I´ll be doing because I´ve only been here a week.  
Something interesting about being in the office is that I don't have a lunch cita anymore because it doesn't make sense with us being in the office.  So we get about 5$ everyday for lunch which we usually buy at somewhere like McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut, Burger King etc.  So I´ll be getting very very fat.  Here in Managua it almost seems like the US with the stores they have here and stuff.  Also there´s an imports store that sells Rootbeer!!!!  It´s truly amazing.  There's a store called Price Smart that's just like Costco that we´ll go to a lot.  They also have a food court just like Costco (but no polish dogs).
My companion is Elder Jungers.  He´s from southern California in a little town right by the Mexican border.  He has about a year on the mission.  He´s the general secretary and handles a ton of stuff as well.  I don´t know exactly everything he does either.  Our area is called San Judas II.  It´s in Estaca (stake) Universitaria.  The ward is San Judas.  It´s a pretty good ward.  Usually like 140 or 150 people come to church but the church building is pretty small.  You can probably find it on google maps or something.  This week we are going to baptize an 11 year old girl named Sonia who goes to church with her mom.  Her mom has some issues with some technical divorce paperwork to deal with or she would be getting baptized as well.  Also we´re going to baptize a woman named Monica if the lawyer can finish her divorce in time.  We´ll get her divorced, married, then baptized.  She´s really cool.  Her mom Maria is another amazing investigator.  She smokes and we´re helping her quit so she can get baptized.  She wants to get baptized sooo bad though!!  It´s so sad to see her almost enslaved by this addiction but she´s doing better and better.  Pray for her especially for strength to quit smoking.  Also pray for Monica and Sonia (and her mom Urania).  And we´re teaching a cool family called familia Robleto.  They´re really positive and cool.  Their baby is very sick though and couldn't come to church this week because of her.  Please pray for them and the baby especially.  
Usually we come to work in the office from about 9AM to about 3 or 4 PM and then go to the area to work.  We have a lot less time to work in the area than a normal missionary would so we have to work extra hard.  But it´s good.  We live with all 6 secretaries and the APs in our house.  It´s HUGE.  And it has a washer and dryer.  And AC in all the rooms.  And hot showers.  There are a lot of wonderful perks to being in the office but we really have to earn them.  I''ve woken up at like 3 AM 4 nights this past week to do things like taking the departing missionaries from this change to the airport and other things like that.  

So ya, it´s a very different experience here than I´m used to but I think I´ll enjoy it.  The work's the same, bringing people unto Christ but now I just have a slightly more administrative role for some of the day. I´m learning a ton here and everything is great.

Love you all!!!!!

Elder Smith

Thanks for the birthday package mom!!!!  It´s just like last year ;)

Cody and Elder Jungers

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