Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 13, 2016

Hello family!

  Sounds like you´re staying nice and busy.  I am too don´t worry.  We´re in it together.

  So on Sunday Fabricio came to church, no problem but his sister and the two kids didn' so that was too bad.  Fabricio is a cool guy that is really good about reading what we leave him and doing his homework etc. but has a lot of doubts about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith but he´s good because he´s open to have his doubts resolved and not super closed minded.  His fecha is for the 23rd but we´ll see because he drinks a lot of coffee.

   Rosa also went to church again this week.  She's just a really sweet and sincere oldish lady.  We taught her Word of Wisdom this week and she really understood it and realized she needs to stop drinking coffee.  But she's pretty addicted, which is pretty sad.  Coffee just holds this country with an iron fist that reeks of coffee.  She´s been really, sincerely trying to stop drinking it and then she gets horrible head aches and such but she's making progress.  Pray for her please.  Almost as President Uchtdorf said in conference, if man can rebuild a church that got bombed to ashes, god can definitely help Rosa stop drinking coffee.  I think that´s basically what he said, or at least what I heard...

   We have a new investigator (a reference!  Woohoo!!) named Maria who we teach at a member's house.  The member, Carlos, is super dope and brought her to church, answers her doubts etc.  That's really how missionary work should be.  So Maria went to church this week but she´s pretty catholic so we´ll see.

  Last and definitely not least, Maria Del Carmen.  Her fecha is for this Saturday.  She went to church and liked it.  She previously had only gone to church in Altagracia for stake conference and then for General Conference so this was her first time in San Judas and her first time in normal church meetings.  We brought the ZLs over yesterday to interview her and when one asked what baptism was (before the interview had started and we were just talking) she just said, it's how we become clean of our sins and how we become a Mormon.  Nice.  I really liked that answer.  So she's good for this week.  It´s amazing to see how blessed she's been since she started coming to church and listening to us, and I know she´ll be even more blessed after she gets baptized.

  We were contacting the other day and we found an old lady with her granddaughter and we sat down with them and started teaching them.  The grandma showed us a bunch of catholic stuff on the wall and started telling us about how she had gone into a coma and had a big surgery and they cut out a big chunk of her head (I forgot to mention the huge hole in her head) and how God saved her to live longer and how it was a big miracle.  This lady just talked and talked and wouldn't let us get a word in.  But then she started just bashing on other religions, including Catholicism, which we though was weird considering the fact that she said she´s catholic.  So we taught her a bit and put a fecha which she accepted fairly easily.  Then she´s like, my kids aren't baptized either.  So we invited the granddaughter to prepare to be baptized as well and she accepted.  And that was fine and great but then another granddaughter that we hadn't seen yet walked by and the Grandma is like, hey Maria, you´re going to church with us and you´re getting baptized with your sister with the Mormons!  The granddaughter was like, ummm  maybe I'll have to listen to them first.  And the grandma accepted that answer.  I don´t know why I told you that story.  It was just kind of funny to me.  She started out being this catholic lady we didn't think would be very positive and she ended up choosing for her grand kids that they´d get baptized.  So I guess we´ll see if they come to church.

  I guess it´s been a pretty typical week.  We have changes next week so I´ll be spending a lot of time dealing with those.  I have a lot of food to order and stuff like that but it shouldn't be as bad as last time because I know a little better what I´m doing.  

   Today we went shopping at a grocery store called La Colonia after I got my hair cut and sent some letters.  I found some pretty cool stuff at the store that I haven't seen at the store for a VERY LONG TIME.  There was Tostitos queso and Salsa and cheddar cheese and pepperoni (the same brand we buy at home).  So I got stuff to make cheese and crackers and I got tortilla chips and queso and Salsa.  I'm very excited!  And I found Kit Kats.  So here´s a picture of the Kit Kats.  

   Well, I hope you all have a great week!  Good luck with the AP test Peyton, oh and good job at tour.  Good luck with finals Delaney and Rich.  Keep beating up those criminals Matt.  Don't run yourself to death Dad but good job.  Good job getting those wedding invitations out Mom and Delaney!


Elder Smith

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