Friday, September 11, 2015

Last Week Here

September 11, 2015

Crazy! time really flies!!  I can't believe I only have like two days left here.  Sorry for the late email today.  
Thanks for rushing to meet all of my requests family, you've done a commendable job.  I especially enjoyed the ties.  When I requested them I imagined greatness but what came blew me away.  That paisley tie belongs in an art gallery.  Sorry about the backpack... I found out like two days ago and obviously I had no way of letting you know on time, too bad there isn't reverse dearelder.
I'm glad the cabin was fun!! I'm glad you saw some good animals.  It's too bad I couldn't be up bow hunting but oh well, this is more important.  It's not like I can hit the broad side of a barn anyway.

Good luck mountain biking tomorrow peyton!!  I'll be looking up towards corner canyon and thinking of you.  
So what did I do this week?  Good question

HMO Rockwood was gone last weekend so we had a sub, Hermano Galvez de Leon.  He's from Guatemala, and looks pretty similar to Brandon De Leon so I asked and he's related to the De Leons somehow.  I really liked him.  Because of that we didn't teach Jonathan in the last week but we will today for the last time.  We're done teaching Rafaela now.  Last week we taught her Word of Wisdom and law of chastity.  Hma Folsom told me that when Rafaela informed us that she's an ugly old lady and won't have any problems with the law of chastity I blushed.  I thought I was rolling along fairly smoothly and unawkwardly about law of chastity but maybe not :/  Elder Roberts didn't blush because he had no idea what she was saying, but it may have been for the best, but probably not.  Elder Robert's Spanish is definitely improving.  Mine is too.  We did some of the harder tenses this week like subjunctive.  I understand it but I can't really use it when I'm talking.  I talked with a sister from Mexico City today (serving in temple square) and had sort of a conversation with her going at full speed Spanish.  I do sound very gringo.  I hope I'm not judged when I call on Monday.  Speaking of which, I expect to call somewhere around the 5-6 o'clock range but honestly I have no idea what time we'll actually leave the MTC or how long it'll take to get there.  I would guess we'll leave the MTC at like 4 am on Monday.
Yesterday we had something called in-field orientation.  It was basically a full day of seminar type classes where they did cheesy analogies but they taught some decently ok stuff.  I had heard most of it but some was new.  They talked about planning, contacting, and working with the ward.  I liked the stuff about contacting the most because we haven't done any sort of practice with that so far.  Working with members was also really important.  The other day for lunch we had personal pizzas and they were really good.  Today for lunch I had a hamburger and it was also really good.  I never thought I'd say it but I might actually miss MTC food.
The pictures were probably my favorite part of the package...   Seriously I loved them.  and don't worry about not leaving spaces, you done good.  

Well, I don't have much else to say.... I have a feeling I'll have a whole lot to say next pday which will probably be next monday.  Wow that's a long time.  Hopefully my shirts don't get too wrinkly and smelly before then.  

Love, Elder Smith

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