Friday, September 4, 2015

September 4, 2015

Hola Familia!!!

It's seemed like a quick but good week here at the CCM.  I hosted on Wednesday and as I was walking back from hosting someone I see an suv and Calvin´s family crying and waving and such.  So I look around and there´s Calvin so I stole him from the elder that would be hosting for him and I took him from there.   So, I didn´t get to see his family really but I still hosted for him and that was really fun.  I think he´ll appreciate more why I wanted to see him so bad in 4 or 5 weeks when he hasn't seen anyone he knows for weeks.  But ya, he seems really good.

Another highlight of the week was devotional on Tuesday where elder oaks came and spoke.  There was nothing too crazy because he just quoted PMG the whole time but that's what he's supposed to do and it was good.  He talked about teach lessons not people, the importance of the Plan of salvation, and teaching with the spirit.  Even better than the devotional on Tuesday night was the lesson we had from Hermano Rockwood on Wednesday night.  He definitely understands how to teach with the spirit and he really helped all of us to realize that we're preparing for people that need us.  Some of the people we come across may seem hopeless or completely lost but God knows everyone perfectly and if we teach through the holy ghost we can help anyone to repent and come unto Christ.  He told us the story of the real Jonathan that he taught on his mission and how some horrible things had happened to him and he hated God.  He looked like a genuinely scary individual that could never find happiness but once he became converted to Jesus Christ he changed completely in every aspect of his life (including his appearance).  It's tough for me to realize that in just 10 days I'll be teaching real people that have been prepared for me and I just hope I've done, and will keep doing everything I can do to have the holy ghost and teach with power.
Investigators... Rafaela is being baptized in 3 weeks, she's felt the holy ghost and wants baptism so that was really cool.  Jonathan felt the spirit in our last lesson and it went well but we only taught him once since I emailed last so not much news on him.  Jorge, our TRC investigator was great on Monday and said he wanted to be baptized but he still wanted to talk to his family first so we were ready to seal the deal yesterday at TRC but we found out he quit.  They wouldn't tell us why Jorge quit working for the MTC but I guess that just means we drove him off or something.

I'm glad to see that Utah and Bingham won!  Sounds like the Utah game was pretty exciting, though probably not as exciting as the T Swift concert.....  The shuttle driver told me that Utah seemed to be doing pretty bad but the pic 6 kind of sealed the deal.  
Good luck with antelope hunting next week, just don't shoot one bigger than dad's or it will have to go in my room.  Good job on your race last Saturday Peyton, when's Corner Canyon?  Congrats on the new dryer mom, sorry about the hole in the wall.  I anxiously await the package next week, Wednesdayish would be great.  Also, Diane sent an amazing package this week so I'm definitely set for a long time with food stuffs.
Have fun at the cabin this weekend, I wish I could be there.... But I'm at the right place.  Also have fun at the hot springs Delaney.

Love, Elder Smith

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