Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10, 2016

Hello Family!!

  I was extremely glad to hear that Peyton´s surgery went well.  And that she has two thumbs and a spaceship on her nose.  Did she try to take the wheel and drive?  Is it going to hurt to eat?  Everyone that will read this on the blog needs to go to Jamba and bring something for Peyton ASAP.  Take care of her.  

  It was a good week here.  We worked hard and worked a lot with our progressing investigators.  Familia Robleto went to church and seemed to like it a lot.  Miurel, the mom, was reading in the Plan of Salvation pamphlet and had some questions about the fall.  Javier, the dad, proceeded to answer all of them perfectly.  So they are really good.  They have a lot of faith that the Lord will be able to bless their baby daughter with a heart problem.  It made me reflect a little on how the Lord performed miracles here on the earth based on the faith of the people.  I know that faith is a principle of power and that God is willing to bless us every bit as he was when Jesus was on the earth.  But please pray for this family and their baby, Rosemary.  

  The other family we´re teaching, Monica and Kirby are also doing very well.  Kirby is really understanding and liking what we´ve been teaching and they also went to church this week.  In Gospel Doctrine class the lesson was on the fall and they just ate it up.  We´re also very excited for them and ask for prayers on their behalf.

   It´s been a real blessing to be able to see families coming together and trying to improve through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ that we teach.  Even though progress at times seems painfully slow and at times there are bumps along the way, it comes.  It´s amazing to see that as people strive to live the gospel better they are blessed; whether they be investigators or people that have been members their entire lives.

   We have stake conference this week in the Altagracia chapel which is HUGE.  It´s where we do our big multi-mission meetings and such.  So there won´t be any baptisms in the zone this week.  
   Love You All!!!!   Sorry that Golden Corral closed!!  That´s a real bummer.

Don´t forget to bring Peyton Jamba Juice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Smith

Sorry about the inversion.  It´s getting hotter here but it´s still not too bad.  They say that March will be the hottest time of the year here.  I´m not too excited about that but at least I´ll be spending the majority of it here in the air conditioned office.  Kirby is doing great.  He´d already be baptized if he didn't have some problems.  But I don´t even know what they are because interviews are confidential and I didn't do the interview and he hasn't told anyone outside of an interview.  So hopefully it´s not tooo big of a problem.  Familia Robleto is doing good as well.  They went to church (minus the oldest daughter) and fasted with us and want to pay fast offerings.  They´re just doing whatever possible to receive blessings for their sick baby.  Speaking of that, Mom, will you put her on the prayer roll?  Her name is Rosemary Danise Robleto Buenavida.  Thanks.  I´m not going to lie, I was happy to hear that glutton is gone because I thought based on the opening of that paragraph that Bo died so I was happy.  But still sad about glutton.  That´s too bad about the rottweiler...  Thanks for the update on the game.  I knew who won but no details.  Who did Cam blame for the loss?  That would be cool to have solar panels.  Now we just need to get Bees.  Good job running.  This week I will be making a concerted effort to exercise more and eat a little less McDonalds and PriceSmart.  Dad will you do a little research on the volcano momotombo that I can see spewing smoke every day?  Sounds good with the deer tags.  That would be cool to have  a CWMU tag for mom.  We know what kind of deer are behind the fence...  Based on the way you taught the Whitmers for home teaching I'm sure sharing time went just great.  How are the Home Teaching families doing Anyway? 

Also I forgot to tell you that I bought a 2 liter coke right before we went back to the house the other day and I drank the whole thing in the taxi from our area to the house.  I got a headache from all the caffeine.  But I felt kind of guilty so I haven´t had any coke since then.  

Also will you tell Grandpa that I spent his 15 bucks on rootbeer in the imports store.  And that I´m going to enjoy it more than I could ever describe in words.  And thank you.

Burning the tie to commemorate 6 months on the mission


Mountains and Lake Managua

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