Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 17, 2016

Hello family,

   It´s been a pretty good week here.  We had stake conference this week in the Altagracia chapel, which is huge.  It´s the only chapel in Nicaragua that I know of that has an indoor basketball court.  So a funny story from conference... There´s an 83 year old guy named Stanley that got baptized in this area right before I got here.  He´s really funny and for an 83 year old is doing very well.  We took him to the priesthood session of conference with us on Saturday and he really liked it.  All he really does all day is sit out on his porch watching the street so we feel kind of bad for him.  His family doesn't really visit him either.  So on Sunday we just kind of threw him in a taxi to go to the chapel because we had to go around picking up investigators to go with us, obviously they have the priority.  So when we got there we saw him sitting down with a member and everything was great and dandy.  When the meeting ended we got up and were talking to some of the investigators that came and when we finished talking to them we went to look for Stanley to send him home because we knew he wouldn't have any money for a taxi.  But he wasn't there.  We went around asking everyone and they hadn't seen him.  So eventually we gave up and just went home, hoping that another member had given him a ride.  But when we got back to the area the door was still locked and he hadn't arrived.  
So we went to another convert who´s family made us Nica Guacamole, which was amazing.  We even had fried tortilla to eat it with which was basically tortilla chips that weren't cut.  But anyway, after that we went back to his house again to see if he had made it home.  We were very worried that he´d just be wandering around, lost in Managua.  But he was there, stripped down to his briefs just cooling down.  We asked him where he went, why he didn't wait for us, and how he got home.  He just said he got up, looked around a bit and didn't see us, so he decided to walk home.  It´s probably about two or three miles.  So I felt bad that the poor old man had to walk, but it didn't seem to faze him.  

   Familia Robleto is doing well.  The mom and daughter went to stake conference this week while the dad stayed at home with the baby.  They saw us teaching Stanley one time out in front of his house so they asked us who he was and stuff.  They were greatly touched by his humble situation and living conditions that now they´re donating rice to him and other necessities because they´re pretty well-off.  It´s just really touching to be out here and seeing so many examples of love and charity.  This family isn't even baptized or anything and they´re just looking to share what they have and help others.  

   Kirby´s doing great.  Yesterday was Monica´s bday so we went by with the mission leader and he brought two other young couples that are recent converts that have already gone to the temple.  We watched the restoration video and then drank coke and had cake and donuts.  It was pretty cool but the best part was definitely the spirit that was felt during the first vision scene.  I definitely felt it and I´m pretty sure I wasn't alone.  Kirby is doing ok but he has some word of wisdom problems that are going to be a big challenge to overcome.  

    We've just been scrambling in the area to juggle the lessons we have with investigators with finding new investigators.  It´s definitely frustrating at times to know that with more time working in the area you could have a lot more success but we need to be in the office doing those jobs as well.  

    The other day a guy stopped us on the street and had heard about the distribution center (which happens to be next door to the mission office) and told us he had heard that he can get a bible there for like a dollar.  We affirmed that he had hear correctly and we gave him the address.  So yesterday he came while me and Elder Jungers were just sitting there in the office.  So he bought his bible and started talking to us.  Basically he told us he wanted to be a missionary like us and asked us what was required.  So we said he had to get baptized, live the commandments, start learning everything possible about the church.  So I was just super direct with him, I´m like, are you baptized?
So if God answers your prayers would you like to get baptized on the 5th or 12th of March?
Well, the 5th is earlier so, the 5th.
Sweet, and will you go to church this Sunday at 9?

So that was probably like the easiest fecha ever.  We were just sitting there and he came to us.  Hopefully he actually goes to church so he can get baptized that soon.  

But ya, good week.

So for those of you that read the blog....  Yep, you failed me.  Peyton didn't get any Jamba last week after her surgery.  Luckily you can repent and bring her some.  Just saying.

Love you all!!!!!  Please keep the following in your prayers: familia Robleto, Kirby, José (easy fecha guy)


Elder Smith

p.s. I´m glad you got nice warm weather.  The weather here is shooting up and getting pretty dang hot.  I always love when I see a pic you guys send with snow because I forget that it´s winter there. I just kind of assume the whole world is in a perpetual summer like me. 

Yummy ice cream bar

Chocolate milk, ice cream and a blood test


Air conditioner (The best thing ever!)

Laundry room

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