Wednesday, June 8, 2016


June 8, 2016

Hello Family,

  Sorry about the late email last week.  We have Multizones this week so changes ended essentially on Thursday and we got right to preparing.  

  Saturday was actually spent in the area, we taught the people we have, and looked for new investigators.  I might have misspoken unintentionally in my last email in saying that we don´t have any progressing investigators.  We do, but they aren't for June, they´re for July.  I don´t know if you remember Rosa, who got baptized the first week of May right after I got transferred out.  Well, we´re teaching her sister who is really positive and went to church two weeks ago.  The problem is that either Rosa or her sister (her name is Socorro, but she likes to be called Coco) needs to stay home on Sundays to watch the house because it´s so flimsy and open they can´t just  lock it up and call it good.  So her progress is pretty slow because she can only go to church every other week at this point.  We´re looking for a solution but haven´t found anything so far.  Please pray that we can find a way to get them both to church at the same time.  The other investigator is named Christina.  She´s the mom of four people that got baptized last change with Elder Jungers and Petty but she couldn't because she´s waiting on a divorce that should get finished up on like the fourth of July ish.  So she´s for July but she´s completely cool and ready and wanting to get married and baptized as soon as her divorce comes out.  

  On Sunday it was raining pretty hard as we brought people to church but we stayed kind of dry with our umbrellas.  Elder Petty´s feet got soaked but I was fine with my eccos.  I was walking through some pretty high puddles and my feet only got wet if the water washed over my ankle above the lowest point on my shoe.  I´d venture to say that those really expensive shoes are worth it.  But on Sunday the only person that came to church was Christina.

  Also, familia Murillo got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday.  I´m so happy for them.  I got to go to the baptism and talk on the Holy Ghost.  It was interesting because they wouldn´t come out of the bathroom in their baptismal clothes because they thought it made them look fat so we had to do the service with them in their normal clothes and they changed right before getting baptized so they could be in the clothes for as little time as possible.  Then on Sunday they got confirmed and they were very excited.  

   Monday was spent getting a ton of crap for Multizones at Pricesmart and getting it to the chapel for Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  

  Yesterday we had the first multizone and everything went great except the power went out, which took the AC with it.  So it got pretty miserable there for a while until the power and the AC came back.  To avoid the risk of another power outage it was decided to move multizones from the San Juan chapel to the Altagracia chapel so today we´ll be moving all the crap from the chapel from yesterday to the Altagracia chapel for tomorrow.  At least we´ll have AC for the multizones.  It´s so weird to me that this is already my third multizone in the office, and that out of all the secretaries and APs I´ve been here in the office for the most time now.  I already have more time in the office than I have in all of my other areas (not counting the MTC) put together.  I also just completed 10 months.  It´ll be hump day before I know it.  Weird.  And, because I´m not training someone else to be Finance Secretary I´ll be here for at least this change and another.  

  Now we just have to get the multizones for tomorrow and Friday over with and we´ll have some time to get caught up with everything and get back into a normal routine.

   Thank you family for the great emails, the constant prayers, love, and support.  Know that I love you and even though it´s impossible for me to know everything you´re doing there at home, I wish you the best and pray for you 


Elder Smith

Familia Murillo

I went all out for breakfast the other day...

Elder Petty and the Gatorade for Multizones

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