Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June 29, 2016

Hello family!!
Well it’s been a good week.  On a not very spiritual note, I made some pico de gallo to help make lunch after church on Sunday and it turned out awesome.  Also I had my doctor's appointment on Thursday I think it was, and it was good.  He basically didn’t tell me anything very helpful, just that my face is doing good and to keep it up.  He also tried to sell me a bunch of really expensive facial treatment things and I was just like, nah. 
  Our investigators are doing really well.  Hazel and Jasmin loved church and both are going to get baptized on Saturday at 6 along with Carmen and Guadelupe.  So it’ll be an exciting week making sure everybody is ready for their baptisms on Saturday.  Also Coco is doing awesome and is super pumped for her baptism on the 9th.
   Unfortunatly Darwin Steven did go on the stupid service trip and won’t get back until December.  Also, Mel went to church (Husband of Veronica) with his family but he`s got a lot of doubts still and smokes.  Please pray for him.  
   We´ve been pretty busy this week in the office and working with the four that are going to get baptized on Saturday and haven`t found very many new investigators.  Hazel´s 8 yr old nephew started listening to the lessons we teach there and he just came up to us one day and was like, I want to get baptized too!!  So we started teaching him too and his mom said she´d come to church with him so there are potentially a couple of new investigators there.    
   I´m glad to see that everything has been going well at home!  It will definitely be sad to miss the fourth of July this year in Idaho.  That´s always a blast.  But I hope you all have a great time.  Happy 95th Bday grandma!!  Hopefully your arm gets better fast Peyton!
 Love you!!
 Elder Smith

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