Tuesday, May 9, 2017


May 9, 2017

Hey family!

  So... I had changes from Masaya to a city called Diriamba.  Diriamba is in the department of Carazo (Masatepe also pertains to Carazo).  Diriamba is one of the bigger cities in Carazo but it's not that big.  There are four other sisters in the city.  The zone is Zona Carazo and it has 20 missionaries and me and Elder Peterson are the ZLs.  So my comp is Elder Peterson from Morgan Utah.  Thankfully he's not a city boy.  He likes motorcycles and stuff.  He has about 13 months in the mission.  He's awesome and he's a really hard worker so I'm happy.  

  It was a very eventful week

  On Monday I had a feeling I might have changes so I bought a  ton of crap from the market in Masaya.  

  On Tuesday we found out I had changes so I said goodbye to converts and members I had met and stuff.  It was probably hardest to say goodbye to Mayra and Arecelly because they are awesome converts and they both go to church with their husbands every week.  Both of them have temple goals.  Then I had to pack and it was a nightmare because of all the crap I've accumulated over the last 21 months and especially because of all the crap I've bought at the market here in Masaya.  But somehow I made it work.  

  On Wednesday our bus went to Managua where I found out where I'd be going then we got on and dropped everyone in the zone off in their areas and got back here at like 12:30 and ate lunch.  The lady that makes us lunch is awesome and really funny.  She kind of reminds me of Mom because she's so nice and has a similar personality.  

  From Wednesday to Saturday I just went around getting to know the investigators here.  There are a ton of them.  There's a woman named Elim and her little sister Anyelka (both of whom went to church), there's a young and very sincere family, the husband is Nelson and the wife is Elia.  They're awesome and they came to church with their little daughter.  Also there's an awesome guy named Junior who came to church and to our surprised brought his wife and son.  Plus there's a couple more.  In total 9 investigators came to church this week plus on Saturday we had the baptism of a guy named Robin.  I don't really know much about him though because I just kind of inherited him but he's cool.  

   We're so swamped with a ton of investigators that we're having trouble finding time to find new investigators and visit converts and less actives.  

   Today for pday we went to San Marcos where Elder Lunt is and played basketball with them and one of their investigators from Bluefields.  Then we came back and I had a quesadilla.

   This area is very cool and the shower is freezing but I'm used to it at this point and it doesn't bother me too much.  In the morning and night it feels perfect.  I can't complain too much.  It did rain a few times this week but mostly at night when we were already in the house.  

  Also I've been sick for about two weeks now with a ton of congestion and a horrible cough.  It got so bad that I took my mattress out to the study room and slept there to not wake up my poor comp.  But I'm taking some pills now so hopefully they'll help.  Luckily my bacteria seems to be dormant for now.

Well have a good week!

Love you!

Talk to you on Sunday!

Elder Smith

Robin's baptism (Robin is the one on the left)

Otilia and Marta

Drinking a bag of coke

moto taxi (see the machete on the right of the guy)

Sunset and storm clouds in Diriamba
  The rat we found dead in the shower in our Masaya house.

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