Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Happy Late Mother's Day!

May 16, 2017

Hi family!

   Talking was awesome yesterday!  I'm sorry the connection was kind of bad and you guys got a little gypped because you couldn't see me but I'll let you look at me all you want when I get home.
   So... This week was good.  We worked really hard and struggled to find enough time to teach the investigators we already had and find news but somehow we made it work.   So... We're teaching a lady named Elim that is very positive but doesn't have any support from her partner.  Also we're teaching her little sister Anyelka.  They didn't make it to church this week so we'll have to verify why when we pass by again.
   Our most positive family is familia Davila.  The parents, Nelson and Elia are super humble and cool and always receive us even if they just got home from work and are exhausted.  We did a family home evening at their house this week with a lot of members and it turned out really cool.  They came to church this week with their 6-yr old daughter Amy.  They are just waiting for a lawyer to finish up an old divorce so they can get married and baptized.  In their home I always feel the spirit stronger than I've felt in any other home in Nicaragua.
  Also we're teaching a guy named junior and his partner and son.  They're cool and receptive but we're fighting a lot of problems.  It's become very clear to me that it's way easier if someone just doesn't sin in the first place.  But that's why we're here, to help people repent.  

   We're also teaching a reference named Andrea, as well as her sister Elena.  They were positive all week and then didn't got to church because they were embarrased because they don't have formal clothes like a blouse so they refused to go.  But supposedly they're going to buy blouses this week so they feel better about going so they can go next week.  We'll see what happens.

   This week we have multizones on Wednesday in Jinotepe.  As always, I'm looking forward to it because multizones are awesome.  I always learn so much.
     Shou tout to all the mothers out there.  You're awesome and the world wouldn't keep spinning without you!  Thanks especially to the best mother out there, which is my own of course.  I LOVE YOU!

Have a great week!

Elder Smith

Cody's District

Mural in the park

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