Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happy Nicaraguan Mother's Day!

May 29, 2017

Hi family!

  In case you were wondering, tomorrow is Mother's day here in Nicaragua. I wish that meant that I got to talk to you again  ;)

   This email might not be as detailed as last week because not much interesting stuff happened...

  On Tuesday we did divisions with Elder Mendez and Elder Cifuentes.  I worked with Elder Cifuentes who only has about three weeks on the mission.  It was good.  Unfortunately Elder Peterson was pretty sick and spent a lot of the day puking.  Luckily we were on divisions though so I didn't have to see it.

   With Elder Cifuentes we had a really good day. We only contacted four houses and in three of them we found families of two that we taught and in total found 6 new investigators.  One of the families ended up not wanting anything when we went back but the other two are still hanging in there.  

  We also made progress with a 16 yr old named Yasser that I found on divisions last week.  He has a fecha and was excited for church.  But for some reason didn't show up and we still don't know why.

   So basically we committed a ton of people to church this week and felt really good about it and then Sunday rolled around and kicked us in the butt.  We passed by for everyone in the morning and with a myriad of horrible excuses everyone hid from us or just refused to go to church.  In the end only three people came:  Flor and her 8 yr old daughter priscila.  Flor is awesome and comes to church all the time but is working keeping a few commandments that she's struggling with still.  Also, a lady named Mariel came to church but she can't get baptized until her partner comes back from Canada for them to get married.  So it's just a waiting game with them.  I don't really know why nobody went to church this week, we'll find out tonight when we pass by for them.  It was really frustrating though.  Oh well, the work goes on. 

   Yesterday at 4 there was a stake mission activity where every ward had a couple boxes of Books of Mormon and a lot of members went out with the missionaries to the houses near the chapels giving out Books of Mormon and taking information for us to visit them.  We got ten references from the activity so hopefully it turns out positive.  

  The family reunion sounded like fun. I'm jealous I missed it but at least it's the last one I'll miss!

Have a great week!

Love you!

Elder Smith

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