Thursday, June 1, 2017

We built a fence and I juggled mangos

May 22, 2017

Hi Fam!

  This week was very eventful.  

  On Monday after pday ended we went out and found a cool family with good questions.  Most of our other plans fell through though.  

   On Tuesday we did divisions and I worked with Elder Smith.  There are currently 4 Elder Smiths on the mission (I'm the most experienced and by far the coolest don't worry) but the one I worked with is the one that was my comp my last change in the office.  It was great to catch up and hear all of the stuff we got used to like questions like: Is everyone in your church named Elder Smith?  Are you brothers?  Are you Elder Smith because you worship Joseph Smith?  Of course the answer to all of the questions is "no".

   Then on Wednesday we went to the church in Jinotepe for multizones.  There were about forty missionaries there and we learned about how to better teach the restoration and how to improve our Love, Faith, and Humility and how to better our prayers.  To help us with prayers and faith, President Brown assigned us to study Enos in personal study for the next three weeks so I've read it like five times this week so far.  I really like it and I'm pulling stuff out I didn't catch just reading it once.  I invite everyone to thoroughly study Enos.  

   After the multizones we got home and visited investigators. 

  On Thursday morning we had a planned service opportunity with the Catholic mom of a recent convert in the area.  We built her a barbed wire gate between her house and the fence.  It turned out pretty well for two people that have no experience in pounding staples into barbed wire to attach it to little sticks with one crappy miniature hammer.  It probably would've taken a nica an hour but it took us all morning haha.  But hey you get what you pay for right?  We were getting pretty fried so we asked the lady if she had hats or something to protect our faces and necks from the sun and she really pulled through.  She came out with two really stylish womans sun hats.  We looked FABULOUS!   

  Then on Thursday night the ward had an "open-house" activity where members and investigators came and there was an emergency preparedness demonstration and a family history workshop thing.  I showed the family history coordinator the 9-generation chart I carry around and she freaked out because it is so complete.  So she borrowed the chart and used it for her presentation to show people what their family history can look like if they are diligent for several generations.  

  On Saturday night we had another ward activity that was like a talent night thing.  It was pretty aweful honestly with iffy dances and sing along stuff.  Dad would've hated it especially.  They were frantically scrambling for more stuff for the show so I volunteered to juggle but there were no balls or oranges or lemons or anything to juggle so I had to settle for mangos.  It worked out though and I nailed a couple of my classic tricks (under the leg, around the back, off the head etc).  I don't think the nicas had ever seen that kind of stuff outside of cartoons before and they liked it.  Then we went to an appointment really far away in the dirt road poor part of our area and the family wasn't home.  And right when we were there the light went out. I was a bit nervous but we made it back into the city and visited another guy. Then it started raining really hard and the lights came back on.  By the time we made it back to the house we were soaked to the bone and my planner was soaked.  Luckily I had my scriptures in a bag and my camera survived.

  In church we had a gay named Marvin, a guy named Carlos (both are family of some recent converts that we're teaching) and a new lady we found last week named Andrea.  Unfortunately there were four investigators that went to the talent show but not church.  They think that if they go to a church activity they're good to not go to church or something.  We're still working hard with Elia and Nelson.  They're super cool, just waiting for a divorce to come through so they can get baptized.  Also Elim and Anyelka, but they didn't come to church. 

   Today pday was cool, we went to a field and threw the frisbee around for a bit then slept a bit then went with the Hanson's  and ate lunch.  Catching up with Elder Hanson and eating with his fam was awesome.  They're legit.

 Anyway, I hope you have a great week!

Love you!

Elder Smith

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