Friday, August 28, 2015

Another Week Down

August 28, 2015

Wow it seems like it's been forever since last pday.  We decided that Pday actually stands for party day.  So ya the highlight of the week was definitely hosting for the new missionaries.  I saw the sister videoing and asked if I could take a pic for them because I only thought she was taking pictures but she was videoing everything so I just stood back patiently as they said their last goodbyes.  It did get slightly frustrating on Wednesday when new missionaries kept giving me their first names, like what am I even going to do with a first name?  The sister (who's last name I have long since forgotten) was going to Argentina I think but since I'm of the opposite gender I was only allowed to take her as far as check-in and I went back to the curb to look for Calvin again.  So I was out there at 1:45 when calvin was supposed to get there but I never saw him.  After not seeing him yesterday either I asked the front desk and they said he's coming in next week.  So I can stop looking for him this week.  The good news is that I'll be hosting next week too so will you ask Calvin's mom what car she's going to be driving for me?  I'm actually the only elder in the district that enjoys hosting.  Everyone else just moans and groans about it because it makes us miss gym time.  They'll probably get over it eventually though.  They just send a letter in the mail to the district leader saying we've been assigned to host again.  On Wednesday I hosted for 3 elders and 1 sister I think.  They try to make elders host elders and sisters host sisters but sometimes we're pretty short on sisters which is why I was hosting the Hermana in the video.  Obviously it was a miracle that there weren't enough sisters on Wednesday so you could see my beautiful name and hear my beautiful voice.  I'm actually really self conscious now because I was probably a really awkward host and now the whole world knows... Oh well I'll get over it.

So this week was basically the same as every other week, we taught Jonathan, Rafaela, and Jorge some more.  Everyone's progressing and all but Jorge are coming to church on Sunday.  Jorge wants to be baptized but he's scared that it'll make his kids hate him so we'll talk about faith some more on Monday with him.  Hopefully these investigators are progressing because we're actually somewhat decent at teaching and not just because they're required to for our MTC experience.  Either way I'm learning a lot from them and things are going well.

As far as the learning of Spanish is concerned... This week has been the best so far because we're moving past things that I'm already pretty good at from high school and I'm starting to stretch myself a little more.  We did Direct and Indirect object pronouns this week and it was super helpful.  I love it when Hermano Rockwood teaches us about lets say commands and then immediately after when we're teaching him as Jonathan I use one.  

So our district pulled a really funny prank on our teachers (pay close attention Peyton).  Elder Beckey is missing a tooth similar to Peyton's and a fake one is in a retainer that he can pop out.  So we had Elder Raban get his metal umbrella stick and smack him on the name tag really hard when the teacher was looking away.  Elder Raban was like, "Elder Beckey! did that hit your mouth??!!!!" and he's groaning in pain hunched over and when he looked up his tooth was gone.  We were all in on it so everyone starts freaking out that his tooth came out and the reaction of the teachers was priceless.  Hmo Rockwood laughed first then got mad at them and said to go to the clinic immediately.  Then Elder Raban started trying to put the tooth back in (because Elder Beckey put his retainer back in) and Elder Beckey wiggled his tooth up and down by putting his tongue on the retainer in the back of  his mouth and Hmo Rockwood freaked out again.  Then we told him it was a joke and we laughed for like ten minutes.  When we did it to Hma Folsom she freaked out, almost went into shock and just stood there stunned for like a minute then she started looking for the tooth on hands and knees.  She was so freaked out we told her pretty quickly and laughed for another ten minutes.  So ya, maybe not the best things we could be doing with our time here but it was a good way to add color to a long day.  Also I guarantee it was much funnier if you were there, I was having a tough time describing it.  

The strain of these long days in seats is obviously taking a toll on the district.  I feel  like I'm handling it fairly well but some of the other elders are really breaking down and going kind of crazy.  They just tend to lose their focus much easier these days.  

I'm glad to hear the garden and animals are doing well.  It's going to be a long two years for poor Bo.  I'm glad you had fun at the lake although you had bad water.  Rich, I'll give you credit for getting up on the wakeboard so consider it official.  I'm excited that you've been blessed with the opportunity  to get a new dryer since I'm on a mission.  Lucky lucky.  Congrats on the tazer matt...  Good luck on your race tomorrow Peyton, I'll be beaming my support.  I'm sorry... I can't really think of much else to say...

Love you all, 

Elder Smith

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