Thursday, July 7, 2016

July 6, 2016

Hello family!

  So the highlight of this week was the baptism of Hazel, Jasmin, Carmen, and Guadelupe.  It was a great service and everyone was really excited for their baptisms.  We also successfully supplied them all with their white clothes and everything fit and nobody got mad which is pretty rare for baptisms here.  So it was really good.  

   On Sunday everything went well with the confirmations too.  There was a small scare when Carmen and Guadelupe said they were going to go on their own at like 8:40 and we came by their house at about 8:50 to make sure they had left and they had.  So we arrive at church and they weren't there and we didn't see them on the way.  So we started freaking out wondering where they went.  So we got in a taxi and headed back to their house to make sure they didn't lie to us or anything about where they were and to interrogate the family a bit and when we got their the family and some drunks on the street confirmed that they had indeed left to go to church.  So I called Elder Aitken who was at the church and he said they weren't there.  So we went back to the church because there really wasn't anything we could do and when we were almost there Elder Aitken texted me and told me they showed up.  Apparently they just walk really slow and they took a different route than us so we missed them but it was very scary.  

    Hazel´s 8 yr old nephew Luis, who I think I talked about in my last email went to the baptism and to church with Hazel and Jasmin and he´s really excited about everything.  Unfortunately his mom didn't go.  We´ll see how he does.  We put a fecha with him for the 23rd of July.  

    Coco passed her interview for her baptism and is super super excited for it on Saturday.  I think it´s at 3 PM if I remember correctly.  I´m really happy for her.  

   Also Christina went to church again but we´re still waiting on her divorce for her baptism.  She´s gone over 10 times now.  

   Family Murillo (who got baptized in the beginning of June) went to church again (they haven´t missed a Sunday since their baptism).  They´re so cool.  But Elizabeth is going to leave to Costa Rica on Monday to work and she´s going to have to find her ward there.  I was able to do divisions with Elder Diaz in San Judas III where I was last change to visit them for the first time in about a month and it was really great to teach them again and see their progress.

   President Brown and his family are going around the mission and doing three total multizones so he can meet everyone and so they can meet him and the family and I´ve had to go to those this week.  On Tuesday I went to Granada, today we went to Jinotepe, and Friday we´ll have it here in Managua.  Also I've been having to deal with a lot of really stupid, rude landlords that are yelling at me and being really necio {foolish or idiot}.  It´s all part of the job I guess.  

   President Brown is really going to focus on helping establish the church in Nicaragua and focus on making it so we´re not just baptizing a crap load of people, but retaining a crap load of people as well.  All of it with the focus on getting a temple here in Nicaragua.  I´m really excited and ready to jump on board with his vision of the mission.  

   I´m glad you had fun at the party, the parade and everything.  Although nobody really gave me a report on the parade, if you made everyone honk, called out random cheerleaders we don´t know etc.  Did you go somewhere to watch the fireworks or come home on Monday night?

Love you!!

Elder Smith

Left to Right: Me, Carmen, Guadelupe, Jasmin, Hazel, Elder Petty

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