Friday, July 22, 2016

July 20, 2016

Hello Family!!

   We were really blessed this week.

   So on Thursday I got up at like 2:30 in the morning to go to the airport with the departing missionaries to help them pay their extra bag fees and stuff.  That made me kind of tired I guess but after we were able to sleep for a bit.  The airport is always weird because it´s full of white people.  I heard some super deep southern accents and was trying to teach Elder Alcerro what a redneck is.  I don´t think he got it very well. 

   On Thursday and Friday after the office we found quite a few people.  We found four pretty cool people, three sons and their mom.  Lula is the mom and her sons are Jonathan (22), Aaron (16), and Melvin (8).  The mom already had a commitment for Sunday morning and couldn't come to church but we put fechas with all of them and committed the three sons to church.  On Sunday they lied and said that Jonathan was gone (we found out later he was hiding next door) but Aaron and Melvin came with us and LOVED church.  We also went and played soccer with Aaron today at the church.  It was funny because Aaron wore a shirt to church with a Giraffe by a tree with Marijuana leaves that said (in English) "smoke trees every day".  Luckily hardly anyone in the ward understood it but all of us missionaries.  The mom is going to go to church with us this week.  

   Also when we were teaching the girls that came to church last week (their names are Wendy, Alejandra, Marta, Mercedes, and Yovannah so from here on out I´ll refer to them as "WAMMY") we invited a friend of their brother, who was just hanging out to join us in the lesson and he accepted.  His name is Oliver and is 19.  He is quite the opposite as WAMMY because he´s very intelligent, well-mannered, and sociable.  He also went to church on Sunday and stayed all three hours and loved it as well.  He´s really cool.  Also three of WAMMY went.  I think it was Wendy, Alejandra, and Marta.  They were still super shy but not as bad as before.  I´m not sure what will happen with them, please pray that they´ll keep progressing and go to church again.  If nothing else, at least they led us to Oliver.  

Also Luis went to church and got interviewed for his baptism which is set for Saturday at 3.  Also Christina went to church like always.  We think the lawyer might finally finish her divorce this week and if so, she´ll get married and baptized too.  Also there´s a guy that lives in our area that has gone to Elder Hanson´s ward in Altagracia two times now and is apparently pretty positive.  We called him and have an appointment with him tomorrow.  Hopefully he´ll just beg us to baptize him on the 30th:)  But we´ll see.  

  Yesterday was a big holiday here and basically every Daniel Ortega lover in Nicaragua gets in a bus and rides down to Managua to hear Danny speak.  Literally every bus in Nicaragua just loads itself up with people and drives down to Managua.  We saw hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of busses just wreakin havoc on traffic.  This day is also an excuse for everyone to get super drunk.  So, for safety reasons, everyone in Managua had to stay in their house after 3pm so yesterday in the house was pretty boring but before we left I bought a bunch of mountain dews so I was ok.

   Today we went to the church and played soccer with Aaron and a bunch of other young men.  It was fun but I´m pretty bad at soccer.  I do have a bit more color now.  And I was reminded how pitifully out of shape I am and how hot Nicaragua is.  We had Papa John´s for lunch and their BBQ Chicken pizza is pretty good.  

   On Friday and Saturday the ward is doing something pretty cool.  On Friday the YM teachers will be doing a mini MTC for the priests and teaching them the basics of how to be a missionary and then on Saturday all six of us missionaries in San Judas will be going to the chapel at 8 and we´ll each have a Priest as a comp for the day.  At 8 we´ll study with them and then we´ll go and work all day with them.  Us and San Judas 1 baptisms on Saturday so 4 priests will already have a baptism.  I don´t think it really counts though but it´ll be cool for them to say.  

   Tomorrow I have an Accutane appointment so I´ll let you know next week how that goes.  I think I´ll probably get off of it in about a month.  

  Dad, I´m glad lake Powell was so fun and I hope you have fun in Idaho mom and Peyton and in Provo Delaney and Rich and in Vegas Taryn and Myles.  { We don't know if he wants Matt to have fun or what :) }

Love you!!

Elder Smith

Enchiladas at Kirby and Monica's

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