Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 27, 2016

Hello Family!!!

  We had a good week.  Saturday was probably the most interesting, out of the ordinary day.  We went at 9 to the church and had comp study with the priests we worked with that day.  I worked with Walter, who got baptized in December, and Manuel who got baptized about two years ago.  They're both 16.  It was a bit of a challenge with Manuel because he can't read or write but we got through it.  We spent the morning going door to door contacting and walking super fast to give Manuel and Walter a genuine experience and to make them sweat a bit, then at noon we went to the bishop's house with all the other priests and missionaries and had a pretty good meal.  Then we went back out and got everything ready for Luis's baptism.  We set up the chapel while Elder Petty and his comp went to get Luis.  Everything went fine in the baptism and Luis was super excited.  Also Brizza got baptized.  You probably don't remember her but she's Kirby and Monica's daughter who turned 8 this month.  Her baptism was with the ward and wasn't one of ours because her parents are members and she's 8 but I was still very happy to see her get baptized because she's really cool.  Then we contacted some more and at 6 the activity ended and the priests had a wrap-up meeting to close the two-day activity they had done and we left to keep working.  

   On Sunday Luis and Brizza got confirmed.  Aaron went to church but his mom lied and said she was sick and his little brother Melvin wouldn't go either.  Mel went (Veronica's husband) and Cristina went to.  We found out that Cristina's partner isn't divorced either so that will push her baptism back even farther.  Luckily she goes to church every week and her family that is baptized is a good support for her.  

   On Monday we passed by to talk to Luis and we also taught his mom.  She said she doesn't like the church because we're so insistent that she get married and not just live with her partner but she loves everything else about the church.  Eventually she randomly asked us what day the 22nd of August was and we're like, ummm a Monday.  She just said I'd like to get baptized that day if it's ok with you guys.  So we're like yep, that would be just fine.  But we have to work on getting her married and to church.  She's just made dumb excuses the last few weeks to not go to church so we'll see what happens.  Pray for her!!

  Oliver said he was going to do something for a new job Sunday morning so he couldn't go.  So we passed by later and he said he didn't even go because he slept in.  Come on!!  That made me really mad.  So we'll see with him.  Also WAMMY didn't go to church but they felt really bad and say they'll go this week for sure.  I sure hope so.  They are such a pain to teach haha.  They have an extremely small attention span.  We'll be looking very hard for new investigators this week.

   Something funnyish that happened... Manuel gave a talk this week and basically said,  "Working with Elder Smith was great, we got to go and do what real missionaries do and we walked a lot and it was hard.  And we got to fight with like two Testigos!"  Well, apparently Manuel doesn't really understand what it is to fight with people because I just talked to them, found out they weren't positive, shared a little about the restoration, bore my testimony and invited them to church.  I didn't even fight with them, accuse them, or pull out the bible on them.  So now the ward thinks I just go around picking fights with the other religions.  Whatever.  

Today we had interviews with President Brown and mine was really good.  He´s a very spiritual guy and I love him so much already.  He´s making it so we don´t have to come in to the office until 10 every day so we can have enough time to do legitimate studying every morning which I think will help me a lot.  

Remember how when President Chugg set me apart he blessed me to reach the parents and families through the children?  Ya that´s totally being completed.

Real quick answers to some questions from mom:  On Sundays after church we eat lunch with a member until like 2 then we go out and work as if it were any normal day.  Usually we find a member or convert to feed us dinner and give us coke.  In the office I get here at nine and usually just do crap on the computer and call people about housing stuff and deal with the problems that come in and stuff.  Then we go to McDonalds or Subway at 12 and come back and do the same thing until 3 then go work.  Usually I end up taking a trip to do something like go to the bank or pay light or water bills and stuff.

Well, have a great week everyone!!  In exactly 1 year I´ll be in the Atlanta airport waiting to board my flight to SLC. 


Elder Smith

Cody, Luis, Elder Petty
Cody, Brizza, Elder Petty

Zona Universitaria

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