Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August 17, 2016

Hello family!

  So this week was pretty good.  Very interesting.  Because Elder Petty hurt his knee he had to sit out for a week so I worked with various different people this week.  On Tuesday and Wednesday I worked with Norman, the priest I talked about last week.  Then I worked with Elder Hanson on Thursday and it was great to work with him again.  On Friday and Saturday I worked with Norman and the bishop´s nephew named Octavio.  Octavio was pretty cool and I didn't feel like I was dragging him around.  On Sunday we couldn't find anyone from the ward the could or was willing to work with me all day so I ended up working with the bishop all day which actually turned out pretty cool.  He was appalled when he asked what I was going to eat for dinner and I said nothing and explained to him that after six we aren't allowed to eat dinner.  He got baptized after he was married so he never served a mission and doesn't really understand those types of rules.  So when we finished we went back to his house and he gave me some juice and a donut.  Don´t worry mom and blog readers, I do eat dinner.  Just after I get home at night usually.
     Elder Petty went to the doctor yesterday and got cleared to work again, he just has to take it easy and not wear his backpack.  So guess who gets to carry two sets of scriptures in his backpack now:)

     This week we saw a lot of really positive changes in Aaron and he got baptized on Saturday.  He's turning into a really cool convert.  He's been going to seminary, he asked me for those colored sticker things to mark pages on your scriptures and a marking pencil (which I happily bought for him).  Now we´re looking for a white shirt and some pants for him.  

  We passed by last week every day for Zeneida and she just wasn't home.  Her daughter had a serious medical problem and they went in and did a surgery that turned out really bad.  So we found her on Monday and gave her a blessing.  We also found them yesterday and got Zeneida interviewed for her baptism this week.  During the interview Zeneidass sick daughter, Candy, and her sister wanted to sing some hymns they learned when the missionaries taught them.  They are the ones that got baptized ten years ago and haven´t been active for a long time.  So we sang the songs they remembered and a few more (How Great Thou Art, I Know That My Redeemer Lives, Lead Thou Me On, etc.) while Zeneida was being interviewed and it was really spiritual.  I really think it helped Candy and she looked a lot happier when we left.  Please pray for her.  

   In case anyone was wondering, I decided to have a paisley tie week so this past week I've worn a different paisley tie every day.  Tomorrow is the last day.  I have a lot of paisleys:)

   The saddest part of the week was Sunday night and Monday.  On Monday Elder Hanson and Elder Nave went home.  They were probably the two most influential comps I've had up to this point as Elder Hanson was my trainer and Elder Nave was my comp right out of my training.  Also Elder Hanson has been my ZL for all but two changes of my mission.  That was sad but I was able to go to the airport with them early Monday morning and see them off.  Also I think Kyle went home this week.  (Kyle is Cody's friend from High School)

   It sounds like you all had a great time with Matt, Taryn, and Myles over.  I'm jealous you got to go boating and kind of disappointed you only got out once this year.  I promise you we'll get out more than once next summer though:)


Elder Smith

p.s.  The ward and sometimes stake has about 4 trips to the temple every year and they charter a bus and get hostels.  It costs about 50 bucks each plus food. 

Cody, Aaron, Elder Petty

Cody, Aaron, Elder Petty

Aaron's front yard

Elder Hanson, Elder Nave, and Cody at the airport as they go home

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