Thursday, August 25, 2016


August 25, 2016

Hello family!

   Well, it´s been an exciting week for sure.  Everything went awesome for Zeneida's baptism and she was really happy.  We didn't have much of a turn out from the ward but a couple members came at least.  Nobody from the bishopric showed up and neither did the mission leader so we got to conduct the baptism and everything.  Her member daughter, Candy, is also doing a lot better and they were hoping she wouldn't have to enter into surgery again.  

   Then the only other really notable thing that´s happened this week would be changes.  On Monday a huge group of gringos (19 in total, 17 Elders) came from the MTC in the US.  The house was pretty crazy with 17 Elders and it was kind of a challenge finding room for everyone to sleep but we made it work with 6 bunk beds and mattresses jammed wherever they would fit.  The house didn´t smell very good though.  

   On Tuesday they had their training at President Brown´s house and I ran around getting them their lunch and dinner and I had to do my financial presentation as well.  That night was another round of crazy at the house as well.

    On Wednesday we had changes.  The mission made a change so now we don´t have a meeting in the chapel where people´s changes are announced by President.  Now all the buses just show up at the chapel with all the zones and the missionaries with changes already know to which zone they´ll be going so they get out and switch to the bus to the new zone and they´re off.  It makes it a bit tricky for me because I have to pay all the buses and get all the zones the reimbursements they need all in that very short amount of time.  After the changes the trainers and new missionaries had a training and I had to get lunch for them.  There were a TON of them.  Basically every ZL trained and half the DLs.  I got them lunch from subway and they were late on the order which could've been really bad but it ended up ok.  Then later in the day they had the departing dinner so I had to go pick up the meat and we had to prepare, serve, and clean up the food.  But at least they had a dishwasher!

   I kind of had changes. I´m still in San Judas and in the office but I moved from San Judas II to San Judas III and my new comp is Elder Smith.  Yep, Elder Smith.  We're both Elder Smith.  Don't worry, most people will think it´s pretty funny.  But trust me, it´s not.  It´s going to end up being very annoying fielding all of the stupid jokes people make and explaining to people why we´re both called Elder Smith. 

  Elder Smith is from Denver and has about a month and a half less than me on the mission.  He likes the outdoors but doesn't hunt.  He´s the retention and key indicators secretary. 

Well, have a good week!!  Sorry school started, that´s no fun:(

Elder Smith

Cody, Zeneida, Elder Petty

 Garrobo (big lizard) we caught

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