Thursday, August 4, 2016


August 3, 2016

Hello Family!

  Thank you for your great emails and updates.  It sounds like you're all keeping plenty busy up there.  
   So definitely not the highlight of the week was having some awful diarrhea, having to take a poop test, and finding out that I have two parasites.  They're called Blastocystis nominis, and endolimax nana.  So the nurse had me buy 6 pills that I took for three days and they seem to have cured me.  

  We had a pretty uneventful week though...  Zeneyda (Luis's mom) went to church along with her other daughter that's a member and hasn't gone to church for 12 years.  Also, Aaron went to church.  His fecha is for the 13th and he's pretty excited.  We're still teaching his mom but there are some problems with his dad not letting his mom listen to us or go to church with us and stuff.  We're trying to have the young men make church more interesting for him because he always gets super bored.  Also Mercedes went (AKA Reubenia, the two names are used interchangeably) and truly wants to get baptized and is ready but  lacks permission from her mom.  She's still 17 and we can't baptize her without parental permission until she turns 18 (in December) so we're having her talk to her mom and keep trying to get permission.  Pray for her.  And Oliver went for the 2nd time and really liked it.  He's the 19 year old positive one I mentioned the other week that we found while teaching WAMMY.  He started school again and got a job so it's been hard to find him and teach him.  Christina also went like always but she won't get baptized any time soon because her partner isn't divorced and hasn't even started the process.
 I don't really know what else to say...  There was a big holiday on Sunday and Monday for Santo Domingo.  They just had big parties and everyone got super drunk.  Basically here they just find any reason to get drunk and it's really sad.  

Oh well.  

Have a great week everyone!!


Elder Smith

Lunch at a Chinese restaurant

Chinese food in Nicaragua isn't that great.

Making cookie dough

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