Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2016

Well, I'm glad to hear you had a great thanksgiving!  I think it's a good idea that you just told everyone that you'd eat at 2 instead of telling everyone at 1 and being an hour late.  Good planning.  

  Thanksgiving here was very eventful for Nicaragua.  We had a hurricane, an earthquake, and a tsunami.  Luckily the hurricane only hit a tiny part of southern Nicaragua (I didn't even get rained on), I didn't feel the earthquake (but almost everyone else did, they said it was pretty big), and the tsunami was tiny.  I thought a lot about the story Dad always told me about how one thanksgiving he went out and bought a turkey, and gave it to the lady he lived with and had her kill it and cook it for them.  I wanted to reenact it but instead the member we live with (wonderful lady btw) went out and bought a frozen turkey breast and cooked it for us and I just payed her back.  But it was really good.  We also had Nica mashed potatoes with good gravy, salad, corn, and coke.  It was really good.  A lot better than last year (we just ate nica pizza). 

   Umm on Saturday we had Nathan's baptism.  It was scary there for a while because he kind of disappeared on us for a couple hours.  His baptism was initially set for 2 but he ended up getting baptized at 6.  He was just at the hospital with his sick grandma.  Then everything went fine yesterday with the confirmation.  His friend even came to church with him!  It was cool because we taught Nathan in English the whole time because he basically grew up in the US and Elder Gonzales baptized him in English.  That's probably something he won't see again on his mission. 

   David and Stella went to church and David brought one of his other daughters, Tatiana, who loved church.  She's going to keep coming.  David and Stella are set to get married on Saturday, and baptized along with David Jr.  Now we're just frantically running around trying to get everything set up with the paperwork and lawyer and stuff for the wedding.  Angie also came to church and she's awesome as always, just beaming for her baptism on the tenth. 

   Mom, that pic you said you saw on FB was the Plan of Salvation I drew on the board during Gospel Principles.  It turned out really well.

   I asked Elder Gonzales what else happened this week other than what I already mentioned and he said, Walking.  
It's true we did do a lot of walking this week.  Especially on Saturday looking for Nathan.  Haha he'll get used to it :)
I guess that's it.  Good luck getting prepped for Christmas!  I caught a little bit of the Christmas spirit and we bought a two foot little tree and threw some lights on it.  And I hung up my stocking from last year on the wall and cut out some pictures from some Ensigns from December of past years.  And I drew a Christmas tree and hung the picture on the wall.  I'll take some pics next week probably.

Well, have a great week!  Love you!

Elder Smith

I was going to attach some pictures but it seems my SD card has a virus.  I'll keep messing with it and see what I can do.

Elder Gonzales and Elder Smith teaching the Plan of Salvation

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