Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Stupid dogs...

November 14, 2016

Hi family!

  I got bit by a dog for the second time this month!  But luckily it didn`t break skin, just punctured my pants a bit (see attached picture).  No biggie as long as they don't break the skin.  I'm trusting the readers of this email to not freak out or anything because it`s no big deal.  If anyone freaks out I won`t be able to talk about things like this publically.

   Anyway... We had an AWESOME week!  On Wednesday we had a multizone with Elder Alonso.  It was awesome and I loved it because he was super direct, yet spiritual.  The spirit was super strong and I walked out of there with some great things I can work on to be a better missionary.  Then on Friday we had a leadership council with him in President Brown's house and it was also very spiritual and I`m already seeing results from some of the things I'm doing differently.  It was a very different experience this time because I didn't have to do anything behind the scenes with food or anything and I could just enjoy myself the whole time.

   We unfortunately didn't really find very many new people to teach this week but we did make great progress with those we are already teaching.  Hunberto's fecha is drawing near and we talked to him about baptism on Monday and he had a lot of fear because he knows baptism is a big commitment and he's a little lazy.  So instead of just trying to convince him we left him with some chapters from the Book of Mormon on baptism and after he read them he said he was good and wanted to do it.  He went to church yesterday and if everything goes smoothly will get baptized on Saturday.  Also Carlos went to church again and is already interviewed for his baptism on Saturday.  We could possibly baptized Nathan on Saturday as well but I'm not sure because yesterday he went to his Grandma's and we haven't talked to him for a bit.  But as of last Saturday he was good.  Also David, Stella (nicname for Christiana), and David's son came to church and are very positive.  Angie came too and is really excited for her baptism in December.

    We have changes on Wednesday this week.  I'm pretty sure to stay here in Las Palmas.  Elder Evans is finishing his training so he's likely to have changes but who knows.  I could train someone else, stay with Elder Evans, or just be comps with another ZL.  Who knows.
    Ummm...  What else....?  Well for pday today we haven't done very much.  Nicaragua already has christmas trees and lights up because Christmas here starts after Halloween.  They don't celebrate thanksgiving here.  But a wonderful lady from the ward who used to live in the US is going to buy us turkey I think.  It'll be better than the Nica pizza I had last year in Juigalpa. 
   I can't really think of anything else that happened this week.  I think tomorrow I'll buy a Papa John's with Elder Evans to either send Elder Evans off with a bang or to celebrate being together another change.  Papa John's is what the angels eat in heaven.

Anyway, I love you!!  Have a great week and don't forget to say your prayers!  Pray for all of the investigators!

Love you! 
Elder Smith

Holes in the pants from the dog bite.

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