Monday, February 27, 2017

New Schedule and Volcanos

February 27, 2017

Hello family, 

   I'm actually pretty happy to hear about all the snow we've been getting, but I'm sorry it's been cold.  Don't worry, spring will come.  

    Our week was pretty good, on Tuesday we had a multizone with us, and zona Granada in Managua.  It was awesome.  ​We learned about a lot of stuff like goal setting, helping people receive an answer to their prayers about the Book of Mormon etc.  Also president revealed the new schedule.  It's pretty interesting... Now we're going to be waking up at 6 every day, exercise and breakfast and personal study as normal, and then at 9 in the morning we leave to proselyte until 1.  At 1 we eat lunch and at two we have a half hour of comp study and at 2:30 a half hour of language study and we leave to proselyte again from 3 to 9 and then we go to bed at 10.  It's pretty weird.  But we'll see how it works.

   We made good progress with all of our investigators this week.  Oscar and Margarita are still talking about marriage and baptism but unfortunately they weren't able to go to church this week.  Oscar is a lot more positive and receptive than Margarita.  Margarita's dad is a convert of about a month and is really cool.  Yesterday I helped him make a family history account and got some names for him to send to the temple already.  

   The family with Sylvio (less active) and his wife Arecele (investigator) is doing awesome.  They´re both reading their Book of Mormon and they went to church on Sunday.  Also we´re teaching the girlfriend of a return missionary in the ward named Myra and she went to church for the second sunday in a row but she wasn´t really home this week and we couldn´t teach her at all.   

     The really crazy thing that happened this week was that on Sunday they split the ward.  They split it in half in a line that cuts the old ward in half North and South.  The north section is ward Monimbo (like before) and the new one on the south is called Cuatro Esquinas (4 corners, There´s a local landmark called 4 corners so the name makes sense.)  I´m pretty sure we´ll end up being assigned to cuatro esquinas and the other sisters that are in the other area from Monimbo will have Monimbo.  So we´ll lose about half of our area and pick up half of what was the sisters´ area.  The only investigator we´ll lose is Areceli which is a huge bummer because they´re going to get sealed in the temple eventually.  I can feel. it.   But the sisters will do a good job with them.  And we might pick up some of the sisters´ old investigators.  But the division isn´t official yet.  It´s possible we´ll end up in ward Monimbo instead of Cuatro Esquinas.  

   Today, now that pday officially starts at 8, we went to the church in the morning and played basketball.  Then we went to Volcán Masaya.  The volcano was awesome but not quite as cool as it was when I went last year because you couldn´t see as much lava today.  Apparently a couple volcanoologists (or whatever those guys are called) got stuck in the crater when there was a small landslide that messed up their ropes.  But they got them out.  They still weren´t too close to the lava.  

Then after we went to an awesome restaurant called El Bucanero that has an awesome view right on the edge of Laguna Masaya.  We´ll definitely go there when we come back to Nicaragua.  

   Well have a great week!!! Love you!

Elder Smith

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