Monday, February 6, 2017

New Schedule!!! Eventually....

January 30, 2017

Hi Family!!

   So on Wednesday we had the big broadcast that it sounds like you heard about where they announced some of the big changes they are making to our daily schedule and some of the numbers we report.  Basically now during the day we don't keep track of how many lessons we teach or people we talk to or references we receive, we just report how many new investigators we find, how many people have a baptismal date, how many come to church with us, and how many we baptize and confirm.   I like it because it gives us more trust and I feel like I can better focus on my purpose as a missionary during the day.  The goal is to invite people to come unto Christ... convert people, and teach them to repent, not just to teach 7 lessons a day.  So I'm good.  The new schedule changes are customizable according to the missions and President Brown is still experimenting with the schedule that will be best for us.  Me and Elder Gonzales have actually been involved in top-secret experiments where we have been trying out different schedules and reporting back to President how we like it.  I'll tell you more about that when I'm allowed to...

   After the broadcast where they announced that on Wednesday we had our interviews with President Brown.  As always it was incredible. I love that man so much. 

    I'm doing better health-wise, I've had nothing wrong with me this week.  What a miracle 

   On Tuesday I did divisions with Elder Seneca from Virginia.  He's awesome.  Everyone here is awesome.  

   On Saturday was Calixto's baptism.  He was super ready and excited and it all went well.  His grandpa baptized him.  After the baptism the family brought cake and cacao (a drink here, just google it) which is one of my favorite drinks here.  Also on Sunday after church a lady from the ward brought everyone cake and more cacao for her grandson's birthday.  I'm not complaining:)  I had three more cups of cacao.  And then last night, a couple from the ward that got married this week brought us leftover food and cacao from the wedding!!!  I'm in heaven but I'm probably going to get fat.

   Grettel didn't go to church this week but is adamant that she wants to get baptized on February 11.  Hopefully she'll be ready because going to church is a pretty big deal.  She already received an answer from the Lord that this is His church so now we're really trying to help her understand what that means and what He expects of her.  Pray for her. 

   That's about it for this week.  Other than the stuff I mentioned we just taught people and looked for news.  We're excited for tonight because we're going to go with a member to visit five different references she has for us.  Hopfeully some of them turn out positive.  Member missionary work is the most effective way to do missionary work!!!!!! Give the missionaries references!! 

Love you!

Elder Smith

Tub of Cacao from the baptism

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