Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Back to Managua

March 6, 2017

Hello Fam!

  I made that the subject line because I've been basically going to Managua once a week.

  So we had a pretty boring week this week.  The only thing that changed it up was consejo de lideres (leadership council) on Tuesday.  We went in to Managua at like 9 and first had a meeting with just the zls, sister leaders, APs, and president.  With that group we discussed the goals the different zones have for baptisms this month and set a goal for the mission for March.  It was very spiritual and we received definite confirmation from the spirit that the goal we set was what God wants.  That took longer than expected and then we had lunch and then the DLs joined us and we had a training from president Brown and the APs.  It was good.  Then we went home at like 5 (we took advantage of being in Managua and got McDonald's on the way home:) )  There must have been a crash or something because traffic was at a near standstill from Managua to the entrance to Ticuantepe.  We didn't get back until like 8 o'clock.  

   We've been getting used to the new schedule and waking up at 6 every day.  It's pretty tough to get up at 6.  But leaving at 9 to proselyte is nice because the people have been pretty receptive and a lot of people like meeting in the mornings.  After lunch the nap before doing comp study is really nice as well. 

    On Sunday, because our areas havent been changed to accomodate the new ward boundaries, we went to both churches.  Monimbo and Cuatro Esquinas.  in the morning we had Areceli come with her husband, and she liked testimony meeting.  She even stayed for the classes.  I had to lead the music in that sacrament meeting. This week Areceli received her answer and she's going strong for her goal of getting baptized on the 25th.

    At the second ward at 2 pm  Myra came with her now-fiance.  She also got her answer this week and is pumped to get baptized on the 18th.  She liked church as well and was even participating in Sunday school like a normal member.  

  Unfortunately Oscar and Margarita didn't show up, and we still don't know why.  They were very committed to coming.  

   After church (ended at 5) we took numbers which took a long time because someone in our zone had emergency changes and the APs forgot to tell us so we had to figure out who was actually in our zone.  Then we ate dinner with some members who gave us Honduran Baleadas.  

   Today we didn't do anything as adventurous as recent pdays.  Sorry I don't have cool pictures like the last few weeks.  We just stayed close by and played basketball with some other missionaries and then got pizza. 

  This week we have interviews and we're going to go in to Managua to do divisions with the APs (to cover our weekly trip to Managua).  Should be good.  On Sunday we have stake conference.  

Have a great week!  

Elder Smith

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