Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Falling Apart

January 23, 2017

​Hi family,

   I gave the email that subject because I've been afflicted with a plethora of ailments this week.​  On Monday after we wrote we played soccer as a zone and I was outrageously sore for the next three days.  And then yesterday my bacteria came back and I felt like crap again and had some other afflictions that, out of respect, won't be mentioned but you can probably figure out.  I've also been hurting in my left shoulder and neck, I think from my backpack or something.  I'm looking for ways to lighten it a bit.  

     Happy birthday Dad, I thought about you on Thursday but I didn't treat myself to anything on your birthday:(  

    The investigators, for the most part, had a pretty rough week.  Angela went back to the street after being clean for a whole week and got lost in the paths of the world.  Grettel had a rough week as well.  But she still went to church but ended up just arguing with people in Gospel Doctrine class and I got pretty annoyed.  It's not looking as good for her as it was that's for sure....  But she's managed to make it a whole week without letting her ex back in so that's good.  

  We got permission to baptize Calixto so his baptism is on Saturday.  He's really cool.  When we let him choose who will say the closing prayer in a lesson he always just chooses himself.  Paola also had a bad week.   She basically just decided to be Catholic no matter what God tells her.  And we dropped Jorge because he doesn't complete with any commitments.  But we have worked a lot better with the ward members lately and they're giving us some good references and inviting friends to FHEs and stuff.  

   This Wednesday in the morning we have a missionary broadcast thing from Salt Lake and then after our zone has interviews with President Brown.  WooHoo!

Have a great week!!!
Love You!

Elder Smith  

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