Monday, March 13, 2017

Interviews. And Managua... Again

March 13, 2017

Hello family!

  We had a great week!  Although we had less time in our area than normal we got a lot done.  On Wednesday we had interviews with President Brown.  Me and Elder Lunt had to be there with him all day to make sure the missionaries from the zone came at their scheduled times and to make sure that everything went smoothly.  Because we have a large zone it took almost all day (9:30 AM to 7 PM).  My interview was awesome as always.  President Brown is awesome.  

   On Thursday we went to Managua to do divisions with the APs.  I worked with Elder Diaz from the Dominican Republic.  It was good.  Managua is hot.  It's nice to be in Masaya.  We took advantage of being in Managua and stopped at McDonalds and got triple bacons. 

   In stake conference  yesterday we had three investigators, Myra (who came with her RM fiance), Areceli (who came with her husband Sylvio), and the mom of a recent convert.  The conference was good.  President and Sister Brown spoke and did a great job.  The stake presidency also did well.  

   This Saturday Myra is going to get baptized.  She's very ready and excited.  We had a funny experience with her this week.  We were teaching her on a bench in the park (they were working in her house where we normally teach so we couldn't there) but there was a lot of music in the background from some catholic festival that was going on and it was hard to hear.  And we were teaching Word of Wisdom and she had some doubts about coffee.  Then this random guy (not drunk surprisingly) came up and shook our hands and asked, "Are you guys preaching?" So I was like, "well ya I guess".  So he just sat down and was like I want to hear.  I was kind of worried because we were just talking about why coffee is bad and that's all the guy heard.  He stayed there for a couple minutes then his wife came and he just left.
   Areceli is doing great.  She stopped drinking coffee completely since we taught her Word of Wisdom and she hasn't fallen even once.  Her baptismal date is for the 25th.  

   Oscar and Margarita didn't go to church.  We've gone by a lot this week but haven't really found them so I'm not sure what their problem is.  

    For my personal study I started doing something that President Nelson did that showed up recently on  I think it's called like 2,200 scriptures about the savior in six weeks.  I'm just going through the topical guide and looking up all the references under all of the Jesus Christ sections.  I think it'll take me more than six weeks though.  It's already helping me have more faith in the Savior and understand his mission better.   

   On Saturday I got pretty sick.  I think it was another bacteria.  My stomach had hurt pretty bad that day, and then at night I just felt weak and I got really cold (which doesn't happen here) and altogether crappy.  I had a fever of like 102 so I went back to the house and just laid in bed.  And under my covers I was freezing.  It was the weirdest thing every because it was probably close to 90 degrees outside and I was under my covers with my fan turned off.  But I took some tylenol and my fever was gone by the morning.  I did have to get up five times during the night to go to the bathroom though.  Maybe not details you really want to hear... Sorry.  In the morning I popped some anti-diarrhea pills and more tylenol and I was good enough to survive all of sunday.  Now my stomach has just kind of hurt off and on for a while.  I'm really just treating sympoms and not the problem though.  Oh well, we'll hope my immune system get's rid of the problem.

   On Friday night when we were in the house I heard an awful scream from Elder Lunt.  I went over to investigate and he screamed because a huge tarantula had crawled over his foot while he was standing at the sink.  He felt it, and then freaked out.  The tarantula went and hid in the corner.  So I killed it with permethrin.  He put up a valiant fight though, it took a lot of permethrin to kill it.  

   Also we haven't had water like half the days in the last two weeks.  Which means.... Bucket showers!!  Those are my favorite!  Not.  Oh the joys of living in a third world country.

   Other than that things are going  pretty good.  Have a great week!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


Elder Smith


Taking a selfie of the sisters taking a selfie

Tarantula in the apartment

Nicaraguan tacos for lunch

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