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March 27, 2017

Hi Fam!!

  As always, what I expected to happen in changes didn't happen.  I thought I'd be with Elder Lunt for a while longer but he got changed.  My new companion is Elder Guzman, from Santa Barbara Honduras.  He's awesome, I've been in his zone earlier in the mission. He has the same amount of time in the mission as me and we both go home in July.  We are no longer in the weird jumble of Ward Monimbo and Ward Cuatro Esquinas.  We are officially designated to Cuatro Esquinas now.  We lost the part of our area that belongs to Monimbo and gave it to the Sisters that are now assigned to Cuatro Esquinas and we gained the part of their area that they had from Cuatro Esquinas.  It turned out really well for us because most of the cool members live in the part we just got so we spent a lot of the week working with the members to get to know all of the members  and we got a ton of references.  We also inherited a couple investigators the sisters were teaching.  One of their names is Micowl (pronounced like Michael).  He's 17 and cuts hair in a member's hair salon and they are helping him a lot.  Also there's a guy named Johnny but we haven't been able to find him.  This week Oscar and Margarita went to church as well as Micowl.  Unfortunately Otilia didn't.  She didn't really like finding out that her evangelist baptism wasn't performed under the correct authority and really doesn't want to get baptized again in any church.  The familia Arias (the lady with cancer and her sons) didn't go to church this week but they are going to go to general conference on Saturday.  

   It's pretty weird that I made it for almost 20 months of my mission without a latin companion, and now that I have one It's actually not what I thought.  He's pretty cool.  Also I've cought myself a couple times now when I start talking to a gringo I say about two sentences in spanish when I realize that they're gringo and should just speak english.  

   Today for pday the zone went to a turf soccer field and we played soccer for a while.  I suck at soccer haha.  Then we ate at Papa Johns (of course) and now we're writing.  Oh and we got our hair cut.  Myra and Arecelly are doing great.  They both went to church and have goals for the temple.  We still pass by for Myra but Arecelly lives in what is now the sisters' area so we passed her off to them but she's in good hands. 

   This week we're going to go to Managua on Wednesday for leadership council with president, and other than that we are just super busy with passing by our investigators, looking for references from the members, finding and visiting less-actives etc.  I'm just super pumped for the addition to our area because the members are so willing to help us out.  

  Well have a great week!  Eat lots of good american food for me.  Rice is still aweful.


Elder Smith

Papa Johns

Elder Smith and Elder Guzman

District picture  (Front left is Cody's new companion)

On the bus to changes 

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