Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's too hot

April 10, 2017

 It's getting to the hottest part of the year here and I'm starting to feel it.  Luckily Masaya is relatively cool but just relatively.  It's nice because the people are really generous and always see how sweaty we are and buy us soda.  The only problem with that is it's making my gut huge.  There are days when we're gifted 10 sodas.  But it's ok my shirts still fit me.
   On Tuesday we had multizones in Managua.  As always it was awesome.  We learned a lot about making commitments, listening to the spirit, goal-setting, and faith.  Me and Elder Guzman had to do a 35 minute workshop on commitments and verification with a couple groups of missionaries after President Brown talked and it went well.  Afterwards the bus stopped at McDonalds and I got a triple bacon.

   This week was good.  It was a bit frustrating because we spent a lot of time teaching all the new people we found last week and when Saturday and Sunday came around most of them already knew they weren't going to go to church.  And most of those that said they were going to go on Saturday had some sort of excuse when Sunday came around.  But Maycol (another possible way of spelling his name) came, and so did Yoheyli (pronounced johaylee).  Yoheyli was a reference from a member in another ward.  Yoheyli works for the member and all of her family is inactive.  So we visited the family at their very humble home on Saturday and on Sunday like six members from the family plus Yoheyli came to church.  It was the first time they've come in a LONG time.  

  The bishop told us about a kid in the ward that just turned nine (so we'd have to baptize him now instead of the ward) so we went to the house and the mom claimed he was 8 and not 9. But the records say he's 9.  So we went back and now the mom is double checking because she's not exactly sure how old the kid is.  So if it turns out he's nine we'll have a baptism pretty soon.  Maycol is doing well, he read a lot of the Book of Mormon and knows he wants to be baptized.  He's going to do it on the 29th of April.  

   Elder Guzman got a package from his mom with a lot of typical Honduranean foods including special flour to make baleadas.  They turned out awesome.  

   This morning we borrowed some baseball gloves from a member and played softball with the zone.  It was really fun but we destroyed the softball so I had to buy the guy a new one.  Unfortunately the softball also got thrown into the big poo canal that's on the side of the baseball field.  But we cleaned it off in the dirt. 

   Also I've had a bad cough this week.  I'm hoping it doesn't turn into bronchitis again.  


Elder Smith

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