Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Earthquake, consejo, and conference

April 3, 2017

Hello family,

  We had a really good week!  This week we found a ton of new investigators, got a ton of references, had leadership council in Managua, felt a big earthquake during leadership council, and of course, got to watch conference. 

   This was probably the busiest week with investigators I've had my whole mission!  We have our old investigators, some that we inherited from the sisters and a couple new families that we contacted this week.  So our agendas were full most of the days.  This week we had a very good lesson with Damaris (the investigator with cancer).  Damaris was having a particularly hard day. I could see the Lord's hand because it just so happened that I was doing an exchange with another Elder who's Dad recently passed away from cancer so he was able to comfort her greatly and then we gave her a blessing.  She ended up going to conference with her husband and loved it.  Also we're still working with Oscar and Margarita, and Otilia, and Micowl (or however you spell that guys name), and a guy named Johnny, and a lady who looks like a pregnant nica version of Katniss.  

   Leadership council was awesome.  We talked a lot about goals.  And the earthquake was cool.  It felt like someone was lifting up one side of the bench in the chapel a little and setting it down again.  

   For conference we got to listen to it in English in the AC so there's not much more I could ask for.  I loved all of the talks but a couple that stood out to me were President Nielson's about how to have the power of Christ and I loved how he said when talking about the atonement we shouldn't use catchphrases because what really matters is that it's what Jesus did.  It's not just it's own thing.  I also loved the talk that was addressed to investigators on Sunday afternoon and the one about the guy who's wife wouldn't marry him despite his job and good looks.  And I really liked Elder Bednar's in priesthood session, and all of the ones about the Holy Ghost and the family. 

   Today we went to the volcano again.  I had to go to show the new people in the zone how to ge there and stuff.  You could see the lava really well today. 

   Many people have asked what it's like having a latin comp now and if my spanish is getting better.  It's awesome having a latin comp.  He works really hard and can connect really well with the people because there's no language barrier at all (even the gringo with the best spanish in the mission has a language barrier).  My spanish has actually gotten a bit worse because I've got a cold and my voice cracks with almost every word I say.  It's super annoying and nobody can understand me right now.  My grammar is about the same right now because I only have a bit more than a week with him after all.

   Have a great week!

   I love you!

Elder Smith 

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