Friday, August 7, 2015

I'm Still Alive!

August 7, 2015

Hello Familia

Everything here is still bueno.  Yesterday we had more classes and learned how to pray and testify en Espanol.  Last night we met our branch presidency and I got to give the opening prayer.  I started in Spanish but after 3 words I forgot how to say grateful so I switched to English.  It went something along the lines of... Nuestro Padre Celestial, estamos........ umm.... grateful for the gospel. So that was kind of embarrassing but it was a blessing because I made sure from then on I would remember agradecidos (though I'm not sure how to spell it :/)  I really like the branch president, President Carpenter.   I had a really good interview with him.
Today was pday so we did a session in the temple this morning and that was really cool.  There's a ton of missionaries in the Provo temple!!!  Then we lifted some weights and ate lunch.  It's only been two days so that's really about all we did.  Tonight we'll teach our first investigator, Miriam.  I have a feeling that I'll do most of the talking since Elder Roberts didn't do as much Spanish in high school as me.  Basically it'll probably be us trying to let the spirit get to her by trying to show love, and pray, and testify simply with our limited vocabulary.

Speaking of Elder Roberts, Elder Roberts is from Lehi.  He played ultimate with Lehi.  Dad, he doesn't hunt but he's into archery.  He says he hasn't shot a live deer but he's shot 3d targets.  Better than nothing I guess...  I really like the elders in my room.  In the room there's me, Elder Roberts, Elder Diez, Elder Whetton (previously part of the trio the first day who played ultimate for Lone Peak C), Elder Day, and Elder Becky.  I particularly like Elder Day and Becky.  Elder Day is from New Hampshire and Elder Becky is from the Ogdenish area (a town I've never heard of).
MTC life is busy busy busy.  We always have somewhere to be and something to do.  Today has been nice since we have a little more time on pdays.  After this We'll go and do laundry so that might be an adventure:)  At least it'll be easier than Nicaragua.  I saw Mitch yesterday and it was nice talking to him.  He seems to be really good.  Also Linden (sp?) Whittaker (sp?) is on our floor in the dorms.
These past few days have strengthened my testimony in almost every aspect.  I've really come to appreciate prayer since I've had to learn how to pray in Spanish.  I don't know many words but those simple prayers I offer always bring the spirit and I know Heavenly Father understands even if what I say is in Spanglish or doesn't really make sense.

Love you all,

Elder Smith

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