Friday, August 14, 2015

one down, 103 to go‏

August 14, 2015

Despite the subject line I really do like it here although it seems like days go on forever.... At the same time it seemed like the week flew by.  Weird.  This week I taught 7 lessons.  Yes 7.  We taught Miriam 5 times, committed her to baptism and to keep the WoW and to read the BoM and pray.  Yesterday was our last lesson with her and since she's our teacher apparently tonight she's coming in to teach us about how we did.  But I thing we did ok.  Our other investigator is Jorge.  His son died 6 years ago and he's pretty sad and bitter towards God.  He wants to receive peace and happiness for him and his wife.  Another nice thing is he tells us how to say the words we don't know in Spanish.  Actually he talks quite a bit in English, which is a relief.  The first day we pretty much just got to know him and testified that God loves him and we can teach him about how he can be with his son again.  Yesterday we taught him about the atonement and how to pray.  He was very glad to hear that through Christ his pain can be taken away.  So ya.  Lots of Spanish.  I understand most of what I hear in Spanish and can usually figure out how to say about what I want.  This week we learned about simple concepts: ser, estar, tener que etc. so it was more of a review for me and I've had the opportunity to help teach a lot of the kids in the class that are struggling.  I probably do about 85-90% of the teaching because Elder Roberts is still struggling with the Spanish quite a bit though he's miles ahead of where he was a week ago.  

   Basically a day consists of waking up and attempting to eat breakfast (I don't usually feel very good in the mornings...) then 3 ish hours of class where we might do personal, comp study or we might have a lesson with Miriam.  Then lunch (usually a burger of some sort and fries) then gym time.  For gym time our district plays 4 square outside because the inside gym is still closed because the did finishing on the wood.  We're 4 square bosses.  Seriously gym time is awesome.  After that we shower up (thanks for the robe mom) and go back to class where we either have a lesson from Hermano Rockwood (served in San Diego Spanish speaking 3 years ago) or just individual study time.  Then dinner (which is usually pretty good but starting to get repetitive).  Then more class.  If we're not being taught during class we do personal study for an hour, comp study for an hour, then lang study for an hour.  The Devotional on Tuesday was pretty good.  It was by C Scott Grow (probably spelled wrong). So ya..
    My favorite and least favorite part of the CCM is teaching.  It's super stressful preparing and knowing that if I don't know how to say something I won't have someone there to help me (with the exception of Jorge) but the spirit is always so strong.  I love the spirit here.  Like Hermano Rockwood said, " We're only kind of here to learn to teach in Spanish.  mostly we're here to learn how to teach with the spirit."  

I'm so glad AJ liked the stuff, I had a very strong feeling he would.  Its crazy thinking of Peyton terrorizing the roads on her own.  I'm definitely going to miss hunting (so enjoy it dad) but what I miss most right now (other than my family of course ;)) is definitely Taylor swift.  Man I miss her.  In class we translated You Belong With Me into horrible gringo Spanish.  Hopefully I'll get you a pic.  Hermano Rockwood came in and corrected it and basically everything was wrong but it was fun (When I say we translated it I mean Elder Day and I).   I really love the branch presidency and my zone, they're all so supportive and loving.  But really I can't wait to get out into Nicaragua.  That's really why I'm here, to serve the Lord and the people of Nicaragua.  Well that's all I can really think to say.  Feel free to dearelder me if you have questions and I'll try to respond with a letter.  Seriously, write me letters and send me lots of candy, it makes my day whenever I get something in the mail.  Also, congrats Matt and Taryn on having a boy.  Sorry you blew your streak dad.  Myles sounds like a great name.  I was worried you were going to name him Marshawn or something.  Jk.  But really Marshawn would be pretty cool.

Alright, Love you, write me lots of letters.  Sorry if I don't respond very well.  Geez that sounds selfish of me.  Oh well.  Bye
Love, Cody

Or should I say Elder Smith?  I'm actually not sure...

                                                             Elder Roberts and Elder Smith

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