Friday, March 25, 2016

It's so hot. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Hot!

March 24, 2016

Hello Family

   In case you didn't figure it out from the subject line.... It was really hot this week.  Like super hot.  It is a physical force that slows down your steps and draws every molecule of water from your body.  It´s so hot.  so hot.  

   This week was pretty good I guess.  We got Kirby baptized and that was pretty cool to complete the second family in two weeks.  He got baptized on Saturday by a returned missionary that says he´s a friend, but he seems like more of an acquaintance to me.  It was a cool baptism because the six of us in our district (the 6 office secretaries) had a total of six baptisms.  

    Other investigators:  Familia Robleto, Javier went to church and the rest were sick and didn't.  They´ve been having a ton of problems in trying to find a competent, non Nicaraguan doctor to do the heart surgery for Rosemary.  This last week their insurance said they´d pay for the mom and Rosemary to travel to Columbia for the surgery.  They´re pretty excited about it but the mom is a bit nervous to be alone in Columbia with the baby.  They asked us to send elders to the airport to take her to the place she´ll stay and help her with the bags.  I wanted to just say, well if you would've just gotten baptized we could just call ahead to your ward and get the relief society on the job.  But she hasn't so we´ll try to figure out some way to get a member down there to help her but I´m not sure how we´ll do it.  Someone just let me know if you have a connection in Bogota Columbia.  But ya keep praying for them.  Since they´ll leave so soon it´s likely they won´t get married or baptized until at least after the mom gets back (she´ll be gone for about a month).  So that kind of sucks.  

    Our other investigators are Mel and Veronica.  Mel is Maria´s son and Monica´s brother and Veronica is his partner.  They decided they´d get married and that Veronica would get baptized on Saturday but then Satan got to work and started sucking.  First, Mel lost his job and they got super sad, but after promising them lots of blessings and giving them some pretty deep spiritual pep talks the next day they got back on board.  Then we found out that Monica and Kirby, who were going to be the witnesses for the marriages, left unexpectedly on vacation and wouldn't be back by Saturday.  And they were pretty set on them being the witnesses because for Monica and Kirbys' wedding Mel and Veronica were the witnesses.  But we convinced them to just let a young, recently-baptized couple from the ward do it.  Then the lawyer ended up not being able to do it on Saturday because he has 5 other weddings to do on Saturday. So we got them to change it for tomorrow.  So they´re getting married and she´s getting baptized tomorrow.  We´ll see what else Satan decides to throw at them but they've made it this far so they´re pretty set on getting married.  

     Sorry I´m writing today, yesterday we had the last multizones and I never got a chance to write.  The multizones went very well, and I got everyone their food and drink and crap like that.  Yesterday was Universitaria's multizone so I participated in the classes and stuff when I wasn't occupied with food or other necessary errands.  Also Granada and Carazo (zones) came so I got to see Hanson, Medrano, and Nave which was a bit of a blast from the past.  We were initially told that we´d just lose our pday this week from the multizone which kind of sucked.  But this morning at about 7:30 we found out that we could have our pday today.  Yay.  

     Good job on the piano Peyton with your superiors.  That´s really cool.  Good job on having a bridal shower Delaney, that´s cool.  But no one really gave any sort of detail about it other than some of the things she got.  I mean, you could at least say where it was held, who came...   Hopefully you all have fun in Vegas and St George.  I´m sure it´ll be soooooooooooo hot.  I feel bad for  you over there having to suffer in the heat.

     This week in Nicaragua is Semana Santa.  Basically everyone skips town today through Sunday and goes to the beach and gets super drunk.  Those that are too poor or just don´t want to be around a bunch of drunk people put out little kiddie pools in their dirt yards and party in those.  It´s kind of a pain because all of Nicaragua kind of closes down this week except McDonalds.  That´s nice at least.

Well, have a great week.  Don´t get too hot out there in Vegas.


Elder Smith

                          Jungers, guy that baptized (his name might be Eduardo), kirby, me

​The whole family
L to R:Mel, Bridget (the baby), Veronica, Maria, Jimena, Andy, Mikey (blue shirt), Brizza (plaid shirt between the two little boys pronounced Bree-suh), Monica, Kirby, Brianna

Bottom Row:  Elder Jungers, Me :)  bet  you couldn´t figure that out haha

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