Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2, 2016

Hello Family!!

   I honestly can´t believe it´s pday again.  These last two weeks were so busy the time has just been flying by.  Just like one big blur.  Weird stuff.  

 But anyway...  I can´t really think of much to talk about this week so I guess I´ll give a quick update on the investigators.  Kirby.  Basically fell.  He took his whole pay check yesterday and spent it on drugs and alcohol and left his wife and children hungry.  We´re probably going to drop him because he seems to have lost the desire to change.  It´s heartbreaking to see him being a bum to his wife and daughters like that.  But luckily his wife Monica is still really cool and I think she´ll be fine in the church even after we stop going by for Kirby.  Maria is doing pretty well.  She smoked last week but she´s making it longer and longer and I think she´ll be able to stop completely pretty soon here. 

 Please include her and Kirby and Monica in your prayers.  So Maria, Kirby, and Maria´s son, Mel, and his partner Veronica all went to church this last Sunday.  We went and taught Mel and Veronica and they were positive and want to change but they don´t really want to get married in so little time and they really hesitated to take the fecha.  We´ll see what happens with them but they already have two times in church which is nice.  

  Noel is doing good.  If you don´t remember he´s the father of an RM and active daughter and his wife got baptized about a year ago.  He´s cool and went to church this week.  But after church he went to a family reunion thing and drank.  So I don´t think he learned very much in church.  But we went by on Monday and macheted him pretty hard and got him feeling pretty bad about drinking.  Please pray that he´ll be able to stop drinking and smoking.  Family Robleto talked to a lawyer on Saturday about stuff they had to get in order so they can get married.  But they didn't go to church on Sunday which was a bummer.  Things have slowed down a bit with them but Javier still wants to get baptized and Muriel still has a lot of doubts.  We´re going to teach tithing better today with a member and try to get it resolved.

  I had a bit of a rough day on Sunday.  I woke up at 5 and had some horrible diarrhea and puked like three times before church.  So to bring people to church Elder Jungers dropped me off at Noel´s house and I was on a division with his son (the RM) while Elder Jungers brought Maria´s family with the RM´s cousin who is also an RM.  I felt pretty crappy at church and then as the day went on after I felt a bit better.  I´ve felt pretty much better since then but every morning I have some pretty bad diarrhea.  The symptoms initially pointed at food poisoning but I didn't really eat anything on Saturday so the nurse thinks I have a parasite.  I got to go to a little sketchy medical lab and get a parasite test (which I won´t describe here).  We´ll get the results tomorrow.  

  I have an appointment tomorrow with the dermatologist to get the prescription for accutane.  Hopefully that goes fine.

  This week is the last normal week of the change and then we have changes next Wednesday.  It´s a weird 7 week change this change because of additional week everyone now gets in the MTC.  But it´ll go back to 6 week changes in the future.  By what I´m hearing change week is absolutely crazy in the office.  We have to coordinate all of the training and accommodations for the incoming missionaries and we have to coordinate all of the activities and stuff for the missionaries that will be departing.  Then after changes the Beals will leave and I´ll be on my own in the financial stuff.  And we have an audit possibly coming up in May.  Fun.  

   Well I hope everyone has a great week!  Have fun golfing dad!  Nice job on your pitch-in.  That´s impressive.  I think I´ve only done that once and probably from a lot closer.  I´m glad you had a good time in Arizona mom.  Sounds like a pretty relaxing vacation.  Sorry you had to come back to the real world.  Delaney, the reception venue looks nice.  Peyton, good job on the ACT.  I´m sure you did great.  Also great job on student of the month!!  Better than I ever got.  At Bingham you got some pretty cool stuff for being student of the month.  Do you get a nice parking pass or anything cool like that?  Matt good job holding down the fort in Vegas.  I´m sure you saved at least 100 lives this week.  

Love you all!!  I feel like I forgot to say something important so if I did I´ll send another email I guess.


Elder Smith

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