Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It´s still really hot‏

March 30, 2016

Hello family,

   It´s been a great week!  On Thursday we got our pday we needed so desperately after the multizones which was wonderful.  Then on Friday we had the marriage for Veronica and Mel and then Veronica´s baptism.  It was interesting because a lot of Veronica´s family came in and we were kind of thinking they might be kind of against her getting baptized in our church but we found out that her mom actually got baptized a long time ago (but went inactive) and Veronica didn´t even know her mom was a member.  Crazy huh.  But the wedding was very nice, it was kind of gross because when he said you can kiss the bride they started making out very hard, which made me a bit uncomfortable, but no one else seemed to mind too much.  The baptism went seamlessly except the guy was going to baptize didn´t show up so we ran and found some white clothes and the guy that was from the ward that was being a witness for the wedding did the baptism.
   It seems from recent emails that you guys have been a bit worried about if we´re finding new people to teach and stuff with the recent baptisms.  Well, the weeks of multizones we didn´t find a lot of positive new people but this week we´ve been working really hard and we´ve found some cool new people.  Last week we contacted a lady named Angelica and she let us in and accepted the fecha really easily and her son did too.  She came to church with us on Sunday and said she really liked it and felt the spirit.  In the morning when we passed by to pick her up she seemed a bit hesitant to go to church with us until her husband kind of helped us get her to go.  He´s a cool guy that doesn´t really want to listen to us but really wants his wife to.  Weird.  We also found this old lady named Socorro that went to church about 6 months ago with other missionaries and wanted to go again.  But on Sunday morning at like 4 AM she had severe knee pain and her daughter gave her a shot that knocked her out for a long time and she couldn´t wake up to go to church with us.  If only she realized that god can make her knee feel better a lot better than some stupid shot if she just keeps his commandments.  We also found a guy named Fabricio that´s pretty cool.  And we talked to the granddaughter of a evangelico paster and she was really cool and accepted a fecha easily and wants to go to conference this week.  So we have one new person that went to church and a lot of positive people that we´re praying will go to conference this week.

   To answer questions about conference that I know will come in the future:  We are allowed to go to priesthood session and Sunday morning session no matter what.  You could say that they´re freebies.  But to go to any other sessions you have to bring four investigators to be able to stay.  And an investigator only can count one time.  We don´t have a satellite dish in our building so we have to go to the chapel in Alta Gracia for conference.  But at least that one has AC.  

    Yesterday was leadership council at President´s house (meeting for all ZLs and Sister Training Leaders) and I had to get them donuts and juice for breakfast and Burger King for lunch and gatorade and water and oreos and a bunch of stuff like that.  I buy lots of whoppers. 

    Today for Pday I had to go with a missionary to buy an ankle brace at 10 so that kind of sucked.  But the sporting goods store we went to had spear guns for fishing that were really cheap.  Do you think you´re allowed to check that on an airplane?  It would be super cool to come home with a spear gun.  But I´m pretty sure it´s against mission rules to have a spear gun.  so I guess not.  Whatever.  Then we went and ate at a restaurant place and I had a bacon cheeseburger with strangely chewy meat.  Maybe not a great idea.  Then we went to the chapel in San Juan that has a ping pong and fuoosball table and played around there for a while.  Oh and we went to the import store and bought a ton of Dr Pepper and Rootbeer.  Now I´m set for a while if the missionaries don´t drink all my crap.

   This week I completed one third of my mission.  That´s weird...  I only have to do that two more times!!!  Easy!  I´m basically already home.  Haha jk.  But ya it´s all good in the hood over here.  Just plugging along in the heat.

   Well family, I´m glad you had fun in Vegas and St George.  I´m sure it was unbearably hot there:)  I'm starting to think that Myles must be a cute baby or something.  It´s not like you ever tell me:)  Good job dancing Peyton, good job on the ACT, that´s a great score.  Good job running dad, and going to the temple mom.  Good job doing crap for the wedding Delaney and Rich.  Get those invitations going....   Good job arresting all the thugs in Vegas Matt.  

  I´m super excited for conference this week and for all the crazy revelations I´m going to get and cool experience it´ll be for our investigators.  I´d like to invite everyone who will read this email or the blog to think of two or three questions you have and pray about them and then listen to conference and I promise that you will receive an answer to those questions.  So do that.  Don´t just read this email and think, oh that´s a great idea and then forget about it and not do it.  DO IT.  

 Love you all,

Elder Smith

Cody, Veronica, Elder Jungers

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