Thursday, March 17, 2016

March 16, 2016

Hello family.  It´s been a crazy week but not as bad as last week.

  This week we had the baptism for Noel and Maria.  It was probably one of my favorites so far because both of them are really cool.  Maria has gone to church without fail for about the last 9 or 10 weeks.  It was very special because she was finally able to quit smoking and she´s setting such a great example for the rest of her family (three of which are progressing investigators at the moment).  Noel was great because he´s my first completed family on the mission.  His son was the first to join the church in his family and he went on a mission and the day he got back he baptized his mom.  The son was able to baptize Noel so he ended up baptizing both of his parents after his mission which is pretty cool. 

  The baptism was on Saturday and we bought a cake and Coke at PriceSmart and had the baptism at 6.  About 50 people came to the baptism (many of them because it was right after mutual at the church and the youth wanted cake).  The only hiccup was the Noel is a bigger guy and his son had some trouble getting him all the way under.  It ended up taking 3 tries.  So Maria, who´s also a bit of a bigger lady was super worried because she went next but Noel´s son pulled through in the stretch and got her under the first try.  Maria said the next day that the night of her baptism was the best sleep she´s had in her life and she felt completely different.  She shared that in gospel principles class on Sunday after her confirmation and all of our other investigators heard it so that was a definite score:)  

   Also on Sunday Kirby, Mel, Veronica, Familia Robleto (Javier, Muriel, and Celeste) came.  Unfortunately Maria del Carmen who came last week didn´t come.  We´re still not sure what happened there.  We were sitting there in sacrament meeting and about half way through I saw Sonia (who we baptized on Jan 30) and her mom and her two younger siblings walk in.  I was super surprised (and very happy).  It was surprising to see them because a few weeks ago we had talked to the mom, Urania, and she got super evangelico on us and got pretty mad at us so we thought she wasn´t going to let her daughter come to church anymore but it looks like Sonia was a great example to her family and got them to come.  It was so crazy because she was the last person I expected to walk through that door but I can testify that God is always softening people´s hearts so they repent and keep the commandments.

  This week the goal is to get Kirby baptized.  We were going to get him interviewed on Sunday but after church he kind of disappeared to visit his mom in another city without telling anyone so we brought the ZLs over for the interview and he was just gone.  But we have an appointment tonight and I have high hopes.  

   Saturday was sad because we took Elder and Sister Beals to the airport and we´re on our own now here in the office but everything is going pretty good so far.  Just really busy.  Today we got our hair cut, ate at a good Mexican restaurant, and received a huge order of drinks for the multizones tomorrow and next week.  Yep I said it, Multizones.  More of them.  But these will be a bit easier because there isn´t a visiting authority but still we´ll have to be on our toes.  

   Mom, I got the packages on Monday.  THANK YOU!!!!  They were great!  I loved the shoes and ties and candy and USB but the best part was by far the photo album!  Seeing some of those swimming pics made me forget how great my body (especially my abs) used to be;)  Now I´ve just got a bit of a gut.  lol whatever.  I know that it´s very expensive to send packages to Nicaragua and stuff and it´s easy for me to say this but... IT¨S SO WORTH THE COST!!  I love them so much.  Seriously thank you. 

  Good job with the engagement pictures Delaney and Mom, Good job with school and going to Real games Peyton, Good job golfing Dad.  Mom, you should probably get on Matt a bit for not emailing me this week because I have no idea what he´s doing.  

Have a great Week!!

Elder Smith

Lunch on P-day

Noel and his son who baptized him, along with Cody and Elder Jungers

Cody, Maria, Elder Jungers

A Celebration!

Selfie at the font

The font is in the primary room, which is also the kitchen.

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