Thursday, May 5, 2016

April 27, 2016

Hello Family,

  Sounds like you´ve been about as busy as a family can expect to be the week before the wedding.  But it sounds like everything is about ready so that´s good.  Hopefully everything turns out perfect for the big day tomorrow!  Congrats Delaney and Rich!  Know that my thoughts and love will be there with you at the wedding even though I can´t!

   It´s been a tough, and good week.  We´re working hard in our area to find some positive people for May.  We worked our butts off last week to find, teach, and commit a ton of people to church so we could meet the norm of 7 in church on Sunday.  On Sunday morning bringing people to church we got off to a bad start as a really positive family we had started teaching just dropped us right there because they were too lazy to go to church.  Then the next 4 people we committed wouldn´t go either.  But then a guy we had met the day before named Jose Vivas went to get to know the church and he was really cool and is turning out pretty positive.  Also a lady whose son got baptized last year went and took another son who isn´t baptized yet either.  Also Silvio went on his own.  He´s really cool.  Also we got a lady we had met two days earlier to go.  Her Grandma is a member and so is her aunt.  It took a lot of convincing to get her and she´s not too positive.  So we made it to church with only five people, which is good but we were a bit let down because of our massive effort to make the norm only to fall short two people.  But when we got there a guy came on his own that lives in our area and a member brought  his friend that lives in our area so we ended up with 7!  It´s a big testimony builder to know that the Lord asks that we give him everything, and when we fall short, as we always do, he makes up the rest, but only after all we can do.
  So Silvio is probably the smartest, and possibly the most sincere investigator I´ve ever had.  He wants to receive an answer about Joseph Smith so bad that he´s doing a two-day fast today and tomorrow to help him receive an answer.  On Sunday there were a couple talks on fasting in church and he said that and tithing are things he really likes about the church because we actually follow what the bible teaches and don´t just try to please the members to get more people to church.  Please pray for him that he can receive an answer to his prayers, or better yet, understand the answer he is bound to receive.

   We´ve had several training meetings this week that I´ve had to get food and stuff for but it´s been fairly easy.  Today was the worst.  We´ve had to do a lot of errands and stuff and we basically lost most of our pday which is a bummer but oh well, the thing about pday is it comes every week so it´s ok.

   Well have fun at the wedding, congrats Delaney and Rich.  

Love You!!!

Elder Smith

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