Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 18, 2016

Hello family,

 We had a good week.  

  Silvio got his answer and is going to get baptized.  The only question is when.  He started working as a substitute security guard and basically doesn´t have any time off and only finds out his schedule the day before so we can´t really plan beforehand.  And even if we could  baptize him on like Friday or Saturday there´s no guarantee that he would have work off on Sunday to get confirmed.  And apparently this type of industry treats the employees like crap and if they can´t get any time off even if they find a replacement or ask for it off way in advance.  So we´re at a good place with him but not all the way there.  He got his answer when he read the Book of Mormon with us after a long day of security guard training when he was pretty down.  He said it was the first time the Book of Mormon has "filled his soul" like the Bible does.  After that we knelt down and prayed.  And prayed.  And prayed.  In the end we prayed 9 times, all of us taking turns for three rounds.  I´m not exactly sure why, but it just felt right to all of us.  And after he said that he had just forgotten all of his worries while we were praying.  I guess there´s no commandment giving a limit on how much you can pray.  We´re told to pray always.  This stuff really works people.  But please pray your hearts out for him that he can get the time off work he needs to get baptized and confirmed.
  Another highlight of the week was the Familia Murillo.  The dad, Marlon, the mom Elizabeth, and a son named Aaron all went to church.  The other baptist daughter is the one that thought that Joseph Smith was black.  They went to church and it was a bit of a sacrifice for Marlon to miss work but it was awesome that he had to faith to skip it and keep the Sabbath Day holy.  Then we found out the next day that while he was on church on Sunday his work burned down.  So maybe he would have been harmed or something if he had worked and he was blessed for going to church?  could be.  Who knows.  I´m not going to try to guess why God does some of the things he does but I trust that it´s for our good (see 2 Nephi 26:24).  But now please pray that Marlon can find another job.  But they are an amazingly positive and cool family and it´s honestly a pleasure to be able to teach them.  The son, Aaron just loved primary too and Marlon loved Priesthood, and Elizabeth loved Relief Society.  Elizabeth said it was the first church that´s actually felt right, like they were at home.  She also said Marlon didn´t want to leave after it was over.

   We´re working with Kenia still, and Oneida and her son Freddy.  Kenia kind of flaked out on Sunday, leaving to visit her mom the night before and not coming back until after church, but she´s still pretty positive and wants to go this week.  Oneida had to work but please pray that she won´t have to this week.  After church on Sunday we just went out contacting, trying to find new people and we were able to find a lot of people.  We put fechas in four different households, including one pretty positive family.  We´ll see if they continue being positive and if they go to church.  

    Things are going pretty good over here, it´s been pretty tranquilo here in the office and I haven´t had any really stressful stuff going on.

Happy Birthday Alyssa!
Happy Birthday tomorrow Delaney!


Elder Smith

We found the Nicaraguan Scouts...

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