Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rainy season is starting‏

May 4, 2016

Hello Family,

  I´m glad everything went great at the wedding!  Congrats Delaney and Rich!  Barely having space from the extra ice cream doesn´t sound like too bad of a problem to have.  Now the question is, will I be next or will Peyton be?  Dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

   We had a good week.  Kind of.  Sunday really sucked.  It reminded me of my Juigalpa days.  Everyone just lied to our faces to get out of going to church and it really bugged me.  Please don´t lie everyone that reads this.  God made it one of the ten commandments for a reason.  Same with the Sabbath day.  Just saying.

   But the two people that did go to church are Lisabeth and Silvio.  Silvio is cool in the sense that he completes with his commitments but not quite so cool in some of the weird religious philosophies he has from misinterpreted and understood biblical passages.  He has the requirements to be baptized but not the will right now.  We passed with the ZLs yesterday (Hanson and Merrill) to see if we could talk him into it but he wasn´t ready and hasn´t received the answer he´s looking for.  But at least he´s going to church, reading, and praying.  He just needs to do that with the intention of changing and becoming better and not just for curiosity and I know his answer will come.  

   Lisabeth is the partner of a golf caddy named Ricardo (in one of the 4 golf courses in Nicaragua). Ricardo is actually way more positive than Lisabeth but he works and can´t go to church.  Lisabeth just does nothing all day so she goes to church but doesn´t understand quite as much as Ricardo.  We´ll teach them the Law of Chastity this week and try and get them married.  Other than that the investigators we´d been working with started sucking pretty bad.  José, who went to church the previous week said he´ll go this week and he´s a guy that completes with his word.  

  On Sunday after church we were pretty frustrated and just got to work contacting to find some new people to make up for the disappointment at church.  We contacted and contacted and just couldn´t find anyone positive or put any fechas.  But then, the 46th, and 47th people we contacted ended up being super cool.  They are a family that invited us in and sat us down and the lady just started off saying, I just want to know why there are so many churches and how I can find the right one.  So me and Elder Aitken just looked at each other and smiled and taught the restoration and put a fecha with them.  The lesson was complicated slightly by the presence of the lady´s super evangelica daughter who doesn´t like us at all.  She will often drop in stuff during a lesson to try and cause stupid doubts (ie I heard you worship Joseph Smith... etc) and it´s cool because the mom just defends us (ie "They just explained that he´s a prophet, so obviously he´s not a God to them and they don´t worship him.)  So we´re really excited for this couple.   Also a funny thing, the daughter was surprised when she saw a pic of Joseph Smith because she thought he was black because Will Smith is black.  

  This morning our zone had interviews with President Russell and that was a good experience.  Then we did some errands for office stuff, then we ate lunch then we just went to the house and crashed for a long time.  It felt so good.  And I washed my clothes.  

   And it started raining this week.  It´s just raining a bit about every day but it´s coming.  I´m going to use the water proofing spray I brought on my backpack and scripture cases and stuff again.  

   I thought you might like to see a picture of a weird looking huge spider we found on the floor.  It´s a lot bigger than the pic makes it look.  Also, in dad´s honor, a pic of the pub mix I bought at PriceSmart.  Also a pic of a garbage river thing in my area where we were contacting on .

Have a great week!  Can´t wait to skype on Sunday!!  

Elder Smith

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