Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ups and Downs

May 25, 2016

Hello Family!

Well it´s been a week of ups and downs.  

 Silvio wanted to get interviewed and baptized Thursday morning so he had an interview with Elder Jungers in the church and he even brought his towel and a change of underwear but unfortunately he didn´t pass his interview, and so he wasn´t baptized.  And he got offended because of it and dropped us.  It was possibly the saddest day of my mission so far.   

  Then on Sunday we were very very very blessed.  We got out to the area at 7 AM to start bringing people to church and we sweat our butt´s off and probably walked like 500 miles but something weird happened;  people actually went!

  Familia Murillo went again, I´ll include a pic we took at church.  (Sorry - no picture of the family was included with the email.)  They even got white shirts to look like us haha.  And Kenia went.  And the mom and daughter from a family we found last Sunday went, their names are Dania and Noelia.  The dad wasn't able to go but is going this week and the mom and daughter really liked church and the dad will go this week.  They also brought their two year old son and he was very crazy during church.  I'm surprised they liked it so much because most of the time was spent wrestling the kid.  Also Oneida´s sister-in-law went and her son.  Their names are Anyelka and Kerwell (pronounced Kirway).  And a lady went that we had found the day before named Grisselda.  She didn't like church though and dropped us on Monday.  And on Saturday we invited a member to bring a friend to church so she did.  This member went.  The friend LOVED church.  We went back that evening to teach her and found out that she had actually been baptized 12 years ago.  Haha the member brought her member friend to church.  But the member didn't even know that her friend was a member.  But the lady that went to church has four kids so we started teaching them all together and they love the lessons.  It´ll be good for the lady too because she went inactive not long after her baptism 12 years ago.

  So things are going well here.  We´re staying really busy teaching all of these people that have been going to church.  Next week we have changes so that will be crazy and busy.  But it´s ok.  I won´t be leaving the office and I sure hope I´ll stay in the area because June is looking to be a great month for us. 

Love you all!

Elder Smith

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