Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Chocolatito won!

September 14, 2016

Hello family!

   To explain the subject line, Nicaragua's national pride, Chocolatito (a boxer, to Americans it would be Román Gonzalez) beat some Mexican this week and everyone got really excited.  He grew up in my area and his mom still lives here.  They set up a big screen in front of her house for her to watch the fight.  So on Saturday night all of Nicaragua was watching the fight and getting drunk. 

   We had a pretty good week.  Yesterday there were multizones but we were able to leave after lunch and get some stuff done in the office.  We're realizing that there are only three weeks left of the change and my time to train Elder Smith is winding down quickly.  We have another multizone on Friday and two more next week.  Now the multizones only have two zones every day so we have to do 5 sessions of it. 

   In church we were able to bring a new investigator named Jessica to church and her daughter Tanyuska I think is her name.  When we contacted her she was weird and kind of got mad and bitter with us for no reason and normally we would have just left right then, but me and Elder Smith felt we needed to stick it out to the end and put a return cita with her so we did.  When we passed by again she forced her reluctant partner to join us in the lesson and we had a pretty good lesson.  She's actually doing a great job keeping with her commitments (obviously her partner isn't because he didn't go to church).  They really liked church ( in spite of the fact that there was some stuff said at the pulpit which was definitely not doctrine) and felt good.  We also got a gift from a member that brought a neighbor.  He's named Jason and we´re going by to visit him tonight so hopefully he´s cool.  

   The ward started doing Noche de hermanamiento at the church on Thursday nights.  I think it´s something like fellowship night in English.  Basically they share a quick message and then just go and play games.  It's basically just a ward bonding opportunity so everyone can talk and the recent converts and investigators can get to know the members.  I was a bit skeptical about it but it´s been pretty successful.  A recent convert family from our area has taken it upon themselves to be BFFs with all of ours, and the other Elders´ investigators and it's awesome.  We´re teaching a family (Mario, and Berta) that hasn't been able to come to church the last two weeks but could come to the noche de hermanamiento and they loved it and it´s really helping them.  Now just pray that they'll actually be able to come this Saturday and Sunday (we have stake conference this week).  Last night they gave us some food which was rice, beans, tostones (fried, smashed, then fried again platanos, just google it), pico de gallo, and fish.  The fish looked really nasty, it was just like a one inch cross-section of a big old fish.  It was pretty bony but the meat wasn't that bad or too fishy and I survived it.  

  Today we went to the grocery store and I bought stuff to make BLTs with my bacon.  I ate one pound out of my three this week.  I felt kind of bad because I was just eating it plain so I bought stuff to go with it.  I also bought cheese and eggs so I can scramble some eggs.  I think I'm going to miss some of this stuff when I get changed.  But who knows maybe I'll still be in Managua.  

Sorry I can't really think of anything else....


Elder Smith

 Cody and Elder Alcerro

The big tree by Chocolatito´s house

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