Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I Don't Have Parasites!!!

September 21, 2016

Hello family!!

   Well, to explain the subject line... I had a little scare and some gnarly symptoms.  So I took the poop test and I'm parasite free!!!  But I did pick up some type of bacteria.  So I took some pills and they cured me overnight!  Yay!


 We had a good week.  We didn't find a lot of new investigators this week but we made some great progress with those we have been teaching.  Berta and Mario came to church with their little 5 yr old daughter Natalí.  Also Jessica came again with her daughter Tania.  Her partner Joel will come this week.  Also Alexander (husband of member) came to church again.  This week we had stake conference in Altagracia.  A bus took our ward there so we had to meet by the Ceibo (big tree in our area) for the bus to come pick us all up and go to the church.  It was kind of a rush to get everyone to the ceibo and not miss the bus but due to some miracles we made it.  At one point Tania was out looking for something and we had to wait for her to get back to go.  We were waiting there with Jessica outside and everyone was starting to get a little antsy because she had been gone for a while.  So I said a prayer in my mind asking for her to come back. Literally less than one second after saying please bless that Tania can come back really fast she came around the corner.  No joke less than one second.  The Lord doesn't delay in answering prayers!!

  All of the investigators are super positive and very excited.  They are all going to fellowship night on Thursday this week and then to church again on Sunday (hopefully...).  Basically their common problem is Word of Wisdom.  Please just ask that all of these people can find the strength to overcome their addictions, especially smoking.  That would be very appreciated.  

  This week we have the last two of the five multizones.  Yesterday was my actual multizone so we did everything we could to be at as much of the classes as we could and I was able to hear almost everything.  The theme of the multizone was working with members.  We learned how we need to work with the mission leaders to make sure every single investigator has a member that attends every lesson with them and takes them to church.  We learned how sometimes circumstances in the church in Nicaragua are sometimes less than ideal and how to adapt to unique circumstances (ie if your ward doesn´t have a mission leader).  It was really good and it´s always great getting to hear from President and Sister Brown.  

   Also it rained a lot last week.  There were a couple times we were walking and even with umbrellas we got soaked to the bone.  It kind of made me think of Forest Gump when it rains in vietnam and the rain comes from the bottom, the side, above...  Also my shoes stopped being waterproof when I waded through streets that turned to rivers and the water went several inches above my heel.  But it's ok... We put our scriptures and stuff in bags.  It's just a pain getting the shoes to dry overnight.  Sometimes we just put them on the fans.  I think I just need to find a bag to put myself in when it rains...  I have started bringing a change of socks in my backpack.  Despite the rain I've decided against using my rain jacket because it would just suffocate me and make me too hot.  It's better to just be wet.  But the last couple of days it hasn't really rained.

  Today was kind of a fun pday.  We had a little barbeque and played around in the back yard and stuff.  It was nice.  I think next week we´re going to buy a ton of awesome tropical fruit and make smoothies.  I'd tell you what kind of fruit we're going to buy but I don't know what these things are in english (calala, pitaya, guyaba etc).

Well...  I hope you all have a great week and stuff!

Elder Smith

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