Friday, September 9, 2016

We Fed the Monkey

September 7, 2016

Hello family!!!

Well, I realized almost every week my subject line is "Hello" so I´m going to try to change it up and be a bit more original.  It might be hard to come up with stuff some weeks though... Bear with me

But anyway...

We had a good week.  It was pretty frustrating at times but I feel like the frustrating weeks are the weeks I grow the most.  It started with a disappointing Sunday.  The cool family we found couldn't/wouldn't go to church and can´t go this week either.  Victor said everything was good on Saturday and then disappeared on Sunday morning.  And we passed by for Alexander a little before church and he and his wife were getting ready and then they just didn't show.  And that´s basically everything we had.  We've been looking and looking and praying and praying and we´re just not finding positive people to teach.  But I've learned a lot about patience and have been able to do a lot of introspection this week.  

  But we were able to find a couple new people on Sunday and a couple yesterday so I´ll cross my fingers and pray that they can go to church and progress.

   If anyone is wondering what I've been doing...  Well In the mornings and early afternoon in the office I train the other Elder Smith to be the finance secretary and we usually leave at 3 or 4 to get to the area and more than anything lately we've just been contacting like crazy trying to find new people to teach.  In my area we have 2 monkeys.  I've only met one of them so far.  I don´t know who´s it is but it has a collar and is chained to a tree and has a little tree house.  We bought some chips and fed them to it.  We´ll have to do it for the other monkey now.  It´s like the monkey in night at the museum that pees on Ben Stiller.  

   The rainy season is starting to hit at full force and it rains every day now.  Usually when it rains it´s a downpour but it usually doesn't last for more than 20 minutes or half an hour.  It's been a bit cooler but pretty humid.  And keeping my stuff dry gets annoying at times.  Personally I don´t care if I'm wet or dry as long as my books stay dry.

   We had zone meeting on Friday and I realized I could barely read a lot of the writing on the whiteboard and I was sitting in the 5th or 6th pew.  I think my eyes are getting worse.  I'm not sure if it´s from constant exposure to the sun and squinting all the time or because they're just getting worse.  Probably the first.  But hey, when I get home maybe I could get some glasses.  I think I´d look pretty good with glasses.  

   What else happened...  Umm at Pricesmart today I finally gave in to the temptation and I bought the 3 lb pack of Legit American Bacon.  I miss bacon so much.  I think I'll eat it plain for breakfast and maybe make BLTs some day.  Do you guys still eat a ton of bacon?  

   I don't know if I mentioned it the other week but the familia Murillo's other son, Marlon (named after his dad) who´s 18 got baptized with Elder Aitken.  That was exciting.  Elizabeth came back from Costa Rica to see the baptism and she´s just doing awesome in the church.  It was fun to catch up with her.  Also, Coco and Rosa are still going great going every other week to church on their turn.  Veronica goes to church quite a bit with her baby Bridgett but her family is struggling a lot (Maria, Mel, Monica, Kirby).  Please pray for them.  Also Noel goes quite a bit with his family.

  I can't really think of many other interesting things going on down here in Nicaragua.  Oh, I've bought so much Subway from a certain location for training meetings and stuff that whenever I go the manager just wordlessly gets me some free cookies and drinks.  And there´s a big excitement in the country because now if you save up four bottle caps and turn them in to any store with the equivalent of 25 cents they´ll give you a legit glass Coka Cola cup.  They´re pretty excited.  Maybe I´ll get one just to say I did.  

   Oh and we have five multizones this month and the first one was yesterday.  They're actually pretty dang easy (and it helps that this is like my 5th one now this year).  

Well, sorry about work and school and stuff always being a drag but keep it up anyway!!


Elder Smith

Sunset in Cody's area

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