Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Last pday in the office

September 28, 2016

Hello family,

  Well today is the last pday I'll have in the office.  I might be able to get permission to get on real quick maybe next Tuesday because changes are next Wednesday and, being in a normal area, my next pday won't be until Monday.  That's like 11 days without a pday.  But I'll survive because I plan on throwing all of my clothes in the washer next Tuesday so my clothes will last.  It's not official technically that I'm leaving the office because you don't know until we get the changes but obviously since I'm training Elder Smith it's very likely.  But the Lord could always change his mind.

   So the members of our ward know we're secretaries and they know what responsibilities we all have.  So they know that right now me, Petty, and Aitken are training our comps to take our positions.  Which means they know we're out of here.  Anyway on Sunday President Brown came to our ward and since we have conference this Sunday it was the last time we'll be in that ward on a normal Sunday.  So the bishop asked me, Petty, and Aitken to come up and share our testimonies since we'd be leaving.   Almost every time I've gone up to the pulpit on my mission so far the mission President has been in my ward.  I have good luck I guess.  It was cool though to see President Brown there with his family.

   On Sunday Jessica went again, with her daughter Tania and Tania's friend Allison that is living with them.  Berta also went but Mario got a last second work call and couldn't go.  After sacrament meeting Jessica, Tania, and Allison had to go to the police station for a problem she had had with an ex-boyfriend.  And Berta had to go somewhere after sacrament meeting for her daughter as well.  So even though we brought four people to church President wasn't able to meet any of them in Sunday school.  Gospel Principles was actually kind of dismal because this Sunday almost none of the recent converts showed up and investigators left after Sacrament meeting and so it was the 6 missionaries, President and Sister Brown, three converts and one investigator of Isham and Aitken.  And the teacher and Mission leader didn't show up so a teacher was assigned from the ward that wasn't prepared.  But whatever.  We're trying here.

   We've been working hard to help Mario and Jessica stop smoking.  They're fighting valiantly and actually keeping their commitments and it's awesome to see the changes they've already been making.  Please pray that they can have the strength to stop smoking.

  What else happened this week...  ummm  Well for pday today we had to help with the monthly leadership council so that took a bit of time.  But after we went to the fruit stand and bought some fruit.  They didn't have as many options as we expected so we ended up buying pineapple, bananas, a watermelon, and a pitaya.  And we were too lazy to make smoothies so we just cut them up and ate them as they came.  But they were still good.  We cut the watermelon into huge wedges and me, Aitken, Smith, and Isham had an eating contest with them.  It was fun.  

   Well we'll see if I can send something next week...  If not I'll talk to you in a while!


Elder Smith

Cody and Elder Isham in the Hilux

Rootbeer was almost half off at Walmart so we bought 26 cans between us.  We got a lot of weird looks from the Nicaraguans because they don't even know what Rootbeer is.

Juice and donuts for a training meeting at Pricesmart

pineapple, bananas, a watermelon, and a pitaya

                               Look what I found on the street!  Never expected to find one in Nicaragua

Grilling burgers last week for a p-day BBQ

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