Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happy Birthday Dad!!

January 14, 2017

Hello family!!  Happy Birthday on Thursday Dad!!

    This was a really busy week!  On Thursday we had multizones.  They were awesome!!  We learned a lot from President and Sister Brown and the APs and had good food and it was good to see some old friends from the mission.  

   On Tuesday someone gave Grettel a free gallon of paint so we hellped her paint the outside of her house.  We were very clear that since we don't get paid and we have no painting experience that if we did a bad job she couldn't complain.  We probably did a bad job but nobody complained:)  Luckily most paint jobs in Nicaragua look bad and nobody really cares. We also painted a stripe on the dog (with permission)

   Then my birthday was on Friday.  It was really good, don't worry Mom, lots of people knew it was my birthday.  But it was really good.  I suspected that at District meeting the zone was going to crack eggs on my head (latin birthday tradition) so I bought eggs and took them to district meeting and announced beforehand that anyone that tried to egg me would get egged back.  So we walk into the church and the whole zone threw a surprise party with a cake and soda in bags :) and balloons and everything.  It was good and actually caught me by surprise.  I saw that some people had eggs and were planning on getting me outside after the meetings but I evaded everyone else and was ready to defend myself.  All violence was avoided.  Then at night the family we lived with threw me a little party with a cake and soda and it was really nice.  

    The investigators are doing pretty good.  Grettel didn't go to church this week for various little problems that came up on Sunday morning.  She separated from Jose and he's out of the picture now.  We had a fhe with her on monday and watched the restoration movie with some other members and she received an answer to her prayers and felt that this is all true.  It's kind of hard for her because she knows that if she gets baptized her friends from her other churches will probably reject her and she still doesn't have many friends here.  So we're trying really hard to introduce her to a lot of people in the ward and help her be brave in following the answer God sent her.  

   Paola is also doing well.  She showed up to church this week like five minutes after sacrament meeting.  Church was hard for the investigators this week because all we did after Sacrament Meeting was watch a video from the area presidency about the area plan and they didn't understand anything.  

   Calixto also went to church and we're still working on getting permission from his dad to baptize him but he's really smart and knows his stuff already.  Also another member lady brought a homeless guy and his partner from off the street and they're trying to rehabilitate them a bit.  Pray for them.  The lady's name is Angela and I didn't get the name of the guy. 

   Today has been a great pday so far.  After studying this morning I just took a little nap on my hammock, then we ordered popcorn chicken right to the house, and then we mopped the floor, went shopping, and came to write.  Then I think we'll go sleep some more.  WooHoo!!

I hope you have a great week!  


Elder Smith

Party at District Meeting

Cake with members that live on the property


The dog after it got a stripe painted down it's back (with permission from the owner)

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