Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!!

January 2, 2017

Hi Family!! Happy New Year!  I'll see you this year!

  We had a pretty good week.  New Years Eve was weird because everyone got drunk super early (some even a couple days early) and were just bothering everyone on the street.  We saw one guy in a creepy Halloween mask with a cape who was very intoxicated pretending like he was killing people on the sidewalk.  Gotta love Nicaragua.  But we worked as normal and a couple of people fed us.  We went to bed as normal but at midnight we were woken up by a ton of fireworks.  It was funny because we walked to our gate and looked out to the street and there were just a ton of bonfires in the middle of the street and every house had their speakers out and their music blasting.  It was pretty crazy.  But don't worry we stayed safely locked inside.  

   Church on Sunday was a struggle.  When sacrament meeting started at 8 there were only 21 people there (including us) but by the time it ended there were 42.  None of our investigators went in spite of being warned and warned and committed like five times to watch out for it.  Grettel went to some Evangelical vigil thing and didn't get back until 5 AM and then turned off her phone and wouldn't answer the door despite many knocks and a lot of yelling.  But the ward pulled through and a young woman brought her boyfriend and another lady brought a cousin that isn't a member.  Yesterday was pretty quiet because everyone was sleeping and super hungover.  

    I also have another bacteria that hasn't been very fun.  But I'm feeling a bit better now.

    Yesterday the puppy that lives on our property randomly got sick and died.  That was pretty sad.  The landlord took him to the vet but everything was closed so he just died.  Who knows what happened to the poor guy.

   We haven't been able to find very many new people to teach, but we found a lady named Cynthia yesterday who's kind of positive.  We're working with Calixto's grandparents to get permission from his dad so we can baptize him.  I'm confident they'll be able to get it and we'll probably baptize him towards the end of January.  

  Next week we have Stake Conference.  The best part is that it's at 10 so it should be a lot easier to get investigators there.  

  Today for Pday we went in to the office and got the mail.  Thanks to all of those that sent Christmas cards!  Also thanks Ryan and Lezli for the package!!  It's awesome!!!!!

  So ya...  Not that exciting of a week...

   I'm jealous that you guys get to babysit Myles!   You're going to be in heaven:)


Elder Smith

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