Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My Bacteria Is Gone!!!

January 9, 2017

Hi family!

   Well, my bacteria went away.  Thanks for your prayers!  I feel great now.  

   We had a great week.  On Tuesday I did divisions with Elder Wilkey from Tennessee.  That was good.  Then on Wednesday we had leadership council and a training with all of the DLs.  As is any meeting where president Brown trains, it was awesome and super spiritual.  I learned a lot.  Then they gave us subways which was really good.  This weekend we had stake conference and we were able to go to all of the sessions and bring investigators on Saturday and Sunday.

   We are working with a family where the lady is less active and the guy isn't a member because he's had some challenges with the Word of Wisdom.  He would get baptized if it wasn't for that.  His name is Jorge.  They came to the adult session on Saturday and enjoyed it and got to meet President and Hermana Brown.  Also Hna Coco (the lady that lives in the other house on the property) brought a friend.  On Sunday Grettel and Jose came to church.  It was a struggle to help them get ready on time and try to walk instead of meander to church when we were already a little late.  The stake center was full and we had to sit in the back and everyone was talking so it wasn't the best experience they could've had but they did like it still.  They're decided to get married and baptized.  Pray that Jose won't fall back into drinking, and that Grettel can be patient with him.Also we have been teaching a lady named Paola with some members.  They brought her to the christmas activity a few weeks ago but she hasn't been able to go to church because she sells nacatamales (just google it) on weekends and if she hasn't sold them all before church on sunday she can't go.  We promised her the Lord would send people to buy her nacatamales and He did and she sold them all and came to church.  We went with the bishop too to buy some nacatamales and they were pretty good.  

    So ya it's been pretty good.  This Thursday we have a multizone and it should be fun.  Our zone has to do a musical number so we'll see what we throw together.  Then my birthday on Friday.  I don't really have any big plans, maybe we'll order a pizza or something.  IDK.

  Well have a good week.  Enjoy your time with Myles!!


Elder Smith

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