Friday, July 21, 2017

Happy Liberation Day!!

July 19, 2017

Hi fam,

  I'm writing today because today is Liberation day and because at night it's not safe for missionaries to be on the streets we'll be confined to our houses after we finish writing and so they made pday today and not on Monday.  But this monday will be normal pday.  

    Last week was pretty rough...  I got really sick and on Tuesday morning I just slept all morning but I toughed it out in the afternoon and on Wednesday I took a long nap after lunch too.  Also I puked on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I didn't start feeling better until late Friday, early Saturday.  Now I've just got a bit of a cough and that's about it.  

   Last week Alejandro's pastor came and talked crap on us so now he's not willing to go to church anymore with us.  We've made a lot of progress with Marvin and he came to church on Sunday but he's still not going to be ready to get baptized on Saturday.  Also Flor and Priscila came but they won't be ready either.  Mariel, the lady who needs to get married, her partner came and visited from Canada this week.  He's got a lot of Jehova's Witness roots but we've been teaching him and now he's reading the Book of Mormon and he came to church on Sunday with Mariel.  He goes home this Sunday.  Also we had another 80 yr old guy come named Luis.  He's the father of a lady we're teaching with her husband and son.  We thought for sure the whole family was coming but at least the dad came.  He doesn't hear very well so I don't think he really knew what was going on in church.  

   Yesterday our zone had interviews with President Brown so I was in the chapel with Sister Brown and the APs almost all day.  I had my final interview with President and it was so weird that I'm finally to that point.  He talked a lot about college, work, marriage and such.  

    Today we ate fried fish (picture attached).  It was ok but fish isn't my favorite.  

  Have a great week!  

  See you next week!

Elder Smith

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