Monday, July 10, 2017

I'm sick... :/

July 10, 2017

Hey fam,

  We had a good week.  It was pretty normal except for Wednesday when we went to Managua for my last leadership council.  It was good.  I like the direction the mission is headed and every time I go I gain an even greater love for President and Sister Brown and the awesome senior missionaries that help out.

   This week we found a less active girl that got baptized a couple years ago and she lives with her 81 yr old grandpa.  He said that if we passed by in the morning to go to church with him he would go (in Nicaragua 99% of the people that say that don't end up going) but we came by and he was ready and walked with us to church.  His name is Alejandro.  The members were really good to him and he seemed to really like it.  I'm not sure if he could really hear anything that was going on but I'm sure he felt the spirit anyway
   We also had a cool experience with a guy we always pass by to teach (he's a reference from our ward mission leader) but he is almost never home.  Every time we went by his dad would answer and tell us he's not home, but then after coming by like four times he invited us in and told us that the missionaries used to visit him and he'd like us to teach him again.  Another miracle is that in his house he has a big rug that kind of resembles carpet.  It was awesome to walk on.  Then when we came by to visit this guy he wasn't home but his son was.  And his son was awesome!  

   Yesterday Only Alejandro and Kevin (one of the kids we're teaching from the second counselor in the stake presidency's extended family) came.  Flor, Marvin and Priscila didn't come  because the little baby son of Marvin and Nephew of Flor got sick and they were in the hospital with him. 

    After church on Sunday we went to Jinotepe for our monthly meeting with the stake presidency and the bishops in the stake.  They were doing something in Jinotepe that day called the hipica where everyone gets super drunk and parades their  horses around the city.  We saw some interesting things.... Which you always do when there are drunk nicas around.  I attached the picture I took of the beer float.  

    Happy 4th of July last week, I hope you enjoyed the fireworks because there weren't any here.  

    Also I've had a super high fever the last two days and  I've been super cold.  Which shouldn't happen here. 

Elder Smith

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